That is a wrap for these days! Thanks so a great deal for checking with the web page and refreshing all day and sending us your thoughts on our posts. Duana and I have been undertaking Emmys coverage like this for, OMG, a decade now. And we are so honoured that you are supporting it! Right here are a couple of a lot more Emmys bits and pieces. 

So I’m confident you heard what occurred when Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner presented at the Emmys final. I… truly felt poor for them. Which is not an emotion I’m familiar with. And I do not feel that is necessarily excellent news for them. Due to the fact they thrive in criticism, not pity. Also, I have so lots of queries about how this even occurred. Did they overview the script ahead of time? Had been they not conscious of how not self-conscious the script would sound if they didn’t study it without having some…self-awareness? They say that with the Kardashians, they’re constantly spinning some thing. Is this some thing they’re spinning that will ultimately break in their favour? (Dlisted) 

Jason Bateman had a wonderful reaction to hearing his name known as through the Emmys final evening. Not so wonderful: his speech. But what ever. Watching his reaction in slow motion more than and more than once more is… well…it’s soothing. I must cease due to the fact I haven’t slept but I can not aid it. (Pajiba) 

I can not get into this appear on Rachel Brosnahan. In all probability simply because there’s just no threat to it. It is actively attempting to not offend. And in undertaking so, I know I’ll barely try to remember it. Ask me at the Golden Globes what Rachel wore to the Emmys and I guarantee you, I will not try to remember it – and it is my job to shop all of this sh-t in my head. (Cele|bitchy) 

Now here’s a designer I would adore to see on Rachel Brosnahan. All this wild print and all these wild shapes and these bold colours. A lot a lot more fascinating. (Go Fug Your self) 

Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe went out for breakfast and at initial, I believed Reese was Ava and Ava was Reese. It is not just that they appear alike, even their mannerisms are comparable, at least in paparazzi images. Is it just me? (JustJared)