Brett Lee is quickly 1 of the most recognisable Australian cricketers of all time. Although he became internationally popular for his cricket expertise, he revealed an completely distinctive talent when he performed on The Masked Singer final evening. Though he lit up the stage as the ‘Parrot’, his anonymity was brief lived and he eventually became the second particular person eliminated from the series. Beneath, he chats why he chose to do the show, how he kept the secret and what audiences can continue to count on as the season unfolds.

POPSUGAR Australia: Hey Brett! How was watching the episode final evening?

Brett: It was a lot of entertaining! It was very strange, you sort of get applied to watching oneself on highlights of a cricket match or one thing that feels a bit a lot more all-natural and regular, but this show is such a distinctive plan. It really is crazy, it is bold, and that is most likely why it performs!

PS: I am guessing you have most likely been approached for reality Television ahead of, what produced the show stand out above other shows for you?

Brett: Yes, I have been asked to do all these other forms of shows. Not that I am against any of them, but personally they just did not match what I stand for or my character. This appealed to me since it is intriguing, the entire undercover aspect and the secrecy point. It really is not an all out singing show per se, it is also about the costumes, the excitement and the entertaining. When I watched the USA version I believed “yeah, this appears fairly cool,” and I know it got some incredible ratings. So I believed, “you know what, I will get involved!”

PS: What sort of lengths did production go to to maintain you secret though filming?

Brett: It was major-finish level of secrecy, and there is a lot of stuff I cannot give away for apparent factors. Place it this way, the only particular person who knew I was carrying out it was my wife, so not even any other members of my family members knew. You can consider final evening following the episode completed that I all of a sudden had a flood of messages come by way of from men and women getting like, “what?! How did you do that? When did you do that? Inform me all about it, who else was involved?” I just mentioned, “appear, I honestly never know.” I can honestly say I did not know the other 10 contestants, I would not have a clue who they are.

PS: From what I saw, not several viewers seemed to guess it was you ahead of it was revealed, how did it really feel to have the public and judges attempting to guess who you had been?

Brett: Nicely I believed that would be the most thrilling element. I’ve spent my entire life in the public arena, no matter if it be playing cricket, getting up on stage playing bass with my band, carrying out a query and answer session or a speech, so I was applied to getting out there. But I was applied to men and women being aware of I was going to be at a venue, and possessing my name announced when I am about to bowl or speak. So to stroll out entirely incognito with no 1 possessing a clue who was behind the mask was a scary course of action. But also, deep down, it was like, “this is in fact very cool.” I just did not want to stuff it up in terms of falling off the stage, or possessing the parrot’s head fall off.

PS: Was it tough for you to maintain the secret from every person you knew?

Brett: Yep, I enjoy secrets but I am hopeless with them. With my family members, if I’ve planned one thing like a vacation or one thing to do with Christmas then it often comes out, I am shocking with secrets. I just enjoy seeing the excitement on people’s faces when you inform them you have got one thing for them or what ever. But I had to maintain the secret, legally, and I in fact wanted to maintain it for that shocking element when I did come out on stage.

We watched the show with the family members on Monday evening, and my little ones loved it and believed it was cool. I am in a group text with my entire family members, and they watched it on Monday evening and mentioned issues like, “this is crazy, this show’s outstanding, blah blah blah.” So then at 7.25 PM final evening I sent a text out like “make certain you watch tonight,” and my brother who’s very cluey mentioned “no way, are you on?” I mentioned “just watch,” and left it at that. Then as quickly as I walked out [for the performance] even prior to me singing, he sent me a text with “Parrot.” He recognised my stroll ahead of my voice! But then as quickly as I sang, heaps of my mates knew appropriate away.

PS: As you pointed out, you are in a band, but I really feel like that is one thing not a lot of men and women would know about you. Can you inform us a bit about your background with music and singing?

Brett: I’ve often loved music. That is the point as well, I just want to clearly state that I did not go on this show to come to be the subsequent new musician or lead singer, that is undoubtedly not what I am all about. I undoubtedly take pleasure in playing bass with my band, and I also play acoustic guitar and a bit of piano. I enjoy carrying out backing vocals as well, it is good to be out of the limelight and the pressure’s off that way. The lead singer’s the 1 who is front and centre on stage and carrying out all the tough function. I’ve grown up with music, my mum plays piano, my younger brother’s classically taught on the piano and my older brother plays guitar so we’re very a musical family members. After once again although, it is not about attempting to be the subsequent Bon Jovi or something, it wasn’t like that at all!

PS: You sang ‘What’s My Scene,’ did you decide on that or had been you allocated it?

Brett: No I did not decide on it. I assume they decide on a song primarily based on what they think your vocal variety will be, and also what they think will be a good clue. Certainly ‘What’s My Scene’ is a properly recognized Australian song even although it is a quantity of years old, and you nevertheless often hear it in the pub or when you are driving down the road. I’ve accomplished a handful of issues with my life, like getting involved in style, cricket and music. So possibly the line “what is my scene” is a bit of a clue as to properly, who am I as a particular person? What is my major job, what is my major function?

PS: How did you finish up getting offered the alter ego of the Parrot? How does it symbolise you?

Brett: I assume they in fact wanted to give away some clues as to who I am by way of the Parrot, and also give me a character they believed was close to my character. I was attempting to rack my brain as to what my resemblance to a parrot was, like possibly I am cheeky or colourful? Parrots like getting about other parrots I guess, and I am applied to getting in a group no matter if it is by way of cricket or the band. That is most likely why they picked it!

PS: What was a lot more nerve wracking, performing on the show or playing in the Globe Cup final?

Brett: Oh the Globe Cup final was terrific entertaining! That is what comes naturally. Exactly where as on The Masked Singer we had been singing reside. That is the point as well, men and women on social media are saying “oh that mike would not be functioning, it’d all be accomplished in the studio,” but no, it is all reside. We sing with a mike attached to our cheek, and then we sing with a secondary prop mike that is also reside in case the 1st mike cuts out. It really is all accomplished reside! I assume in life you have to challenge oneself, and this was a way I could do new issues and throw myself in the deep finish.

PS: I assume men and women had been questioning no matter if it was reside or not since you all sounded so very good!

Brett: I assume backing vocals often aids! [Laugh] But I am certain all of the 11 other contestants worked tough on their vocals and did the ideal they could. At the finish of the day you never want to stroll out and sound horrible, you want to stroll out and sound half-decent. . . if you can!

PS: What do you assume would surprise us viewers the most about your practical experience of filming the show?

Brett: Once more, just the unknown. It really is the unknown for me as well. Like when I took my head off final evening and revealed I was the parrot, viewers had been like, “properly we did not count on that.” Then subsequent Monday evening when I see the subsequent particular person who is voted off, I personally will be pondering, “far out, I’ve just spent the final handful of weeks or months in the very same venue with these men and women but I had no clue who they had been.” When I see who leaves subsequent time I will be pondering, “appropriate, that is who you had been, tends to make sense now!” It will all add up.

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