Chiefs nonetheless are not fantastic adequate to be Super Bowl favorites


Stacking The Box huddles up to talk about the biggest things we saw in Week 3 before looking ahead at what this NFL weekend will bring.


With the first three weeks of the season in the books, the inevitable thinning of the herd has begun. The usual suspects are all there, but there are a handful of teams we thought might be contenders that have dropped out of the running. Similarly, teams that we didn’t consider to be legit Super Bowl contenders have risen to the occasion — for now (3:55).

Everything seems to end with the Patriots, as not even the Chiefs are yet good enough to unseat the kings in New England (4:00). Aaron Rodgers has perhaps the best defense he’s ever had, which boosts the Packers Super Bowl chances (5:03), while the Chargers and Falcons are stumbling (7:45).

Other things the Stacking The Box crew discussed this week include:

  • Weirdest NFL sideline stories (0:35)
  • Best bets of Week 4 (11:10)
  • Don’t buy the Daniel Jones hype (26:15)
  • Vikings won’t win a Super Bowl with Kirk Cousins (29:10)
  • Freddie Kitchens is living on borrowed time (31:00)
  • Who is better: Lamar Jackson or Baker Mayfield? (43:04)

All this and more!

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