It really is right here! Just after a rather troubling season of Large Brother, this should really be a relief! The show seeks out these who WANT to be on it, not merely showmance types 
Don’t forget — despite the fact that Sandra and Rob are there, they are mentoring, not competing.

Lifeguard Laurie has so kindly created the random matches for the weblog pool as soon as once more. YAY! Don’t forget — no one in the pool goes household tonight!


Aaron Meredith – Auntie Leigh
Chelsea Walker  – Large winner Brian, Margo
Dean Kowalski  – CherryPie, Merrilee
Elaine Stott  – Cheryl in NC
Elizabeth Beise   – CherylNY, monty 924
Karishma Patel  – Ed in Ohio, SueGee
Missy Byrd   – Janice, TS14Fan
Ronnie Bardah   – jennifer
Tom Laidlaw   – Judi Sweeney, Laurie
Vince Moua   – Kelsey NY, MikesGirl


Dan Spilo   – Bizaro22, marthalight
Jack Nichting   – David
Jamal Shipman   – Donna in Alabama, Petals
Janet Carbin   – Donna NY, Sharon C
Jason Linden   – Dr_Celine, Nickelpeed
Kellee Kim   – Glenn Allen
Lauren Beck   – Jackie, Sharon N
Molly Byman   – Jenna G, tbc
Noura Salman   – Jennasmom

Tommy Sheehan  – Karen in CA, Terry is a Texan

My blogging coverage could possibly be a bit spotty tonight considering that A. I do not know who is whom however and two. I am nonetheless possessing tendonitis concerns with my correct wrist generating typing a bit tough. Please bear with me. It is enhancing!

As often, the actual celebration is in the comments region — please really feel absolutely free to join in on the enjoyable!

Survivor College is now in session!

Jeff does not escort the new castaways to the island, alternatively he’s in a helicopter overhead. With out Jeff, they set about setting up their shelters and receiving to know one particular yet another right after getting camp flags and buffs.

Elaine, Tom and Vince currently bonded … and their fellow castaways noticed it. In the other camp it is noticed that Jason has currently gone off alone searching for idols.

So lots of of them currently have their eyes on Jason. 

On Vokai, Tommy is schmoozing. But Noura offers Jason a heads up. On Lairo, they are currently considering of a girls alliance.

On Vokai, it turns out that Dan is not respecting individual space, particularly with the females — he’s touchy-feely. Janet warns him about it nicely but thinks it could possibly hurt him in the game. On Lairo, Elaine and Ronnie currently mistrust every single other.

They ultimately meet Jeff and his dimples. It really is the initially immunity challenge. Reward is in the type of flint for fire. Climb a net, down a slide, on mat, grappling hooks move logs, climb to top rated of a tough incline, to puzzles — developing a village one particular hut at a time in order. This is a tough one particular!

VOKAI wins Immunity and Reward!

Jeff tells Lairo that one particular particular person will go to Island of the Idol and Elizabeth’s name is drawn out of a bag. Jeff tells them she will return by Tribal time.

She lands on the island, sees giant busts of Rob and Sandra, then Rob and Sandra come to meet her. They will mentor her and then test her on what she’s discovered. Rob teaches her how to make fire. Sandra also performs with her on fire.

Now if she requires a challenge to make fire against Rob, she could win an idol fantastic for the subsequent two tribal councils or shed a vote.

Back at camp, Ronnie appears to be targeted as does Elaine’s. Some are not on the target Elaine bend, although. 

Elizabeth goes for the challenge and … loses. She loses her vote, but now knows how to make fire and to go with her gut. She gets to choose the name from the other tribe to go to Idols subsequent.

Back at camp Elaine is attempting to make offers to remain. Now it appears like Vince is in difficulty. Elizabeth is back and lies, does not inform them something about Rob or Sandra or fire generating. She tends to make up a story about breaking urns and not winning something.

They all want her nonexistent vote, she does not inform them she lost her vote.

Tribal Council time! 
Sandra and Rob are spying on them.
Elaine tries to defend herself understanding she’s the major target.

The tally —
Vince, Ronnie, Vince, Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie

Bye-bye Ronnie …