A lot of our excitement about residence music comes with hearing how producers method the genre. Wheezly and Pretence not too long ago dropped their two-track Dead City EP out on Ghetto Ghetto and we adore the way they perform it!

1st up, “Straight Facts” cuts to the chase with a driving beat and menacing power, playing off the g-residence craze, but in the grittiest achievable way. Wheezly and Pretence demonstrate residence music with an edge with, as Ghetto Ghetto describes, one particular of the “dirtiest” songs signed to the label.

“Nightclubs” keeps the momentum going with yet another gripping production from the dynamic duo, a sturdy B-Side that holds its personal. Collectively, Wheezly and Pretence come across a exceptional stride that brings some thing diverse to the table. We currently cannot wait to hear additional from these two.

Listen beneath and verify out additional music by means of Ghetto Ghetto right here.

Wheezly & Pretence – Dead City [Ghetto Ghetto]