The college owner told police he was operating an Islamic college to reform the students, according to the police spokesman. On the other hand, police stated there is no proof the college was really becoming applied as a religious facility.

The group of guys and boys, some as young as 13, had been freed right after police discovered kids had been becoming held in chains at a college in the northern city of Kaduna, Sabo stated. Kaduna is 150 kilometers (about 93 miles) north of Nigeria’s capital, Abuja.

Six teachers and the college owner had been detained and questioned by police. CNN known as the college looking for comment but no one answered the telephone.

Sabo stated some of the guys had been chained and hoarded in a extremely confined space, adding that the guys “had been not hostile” and “there is no explanation why they ought to have been held in such a location.”

Sign at the school from which police freed 300 people.

Some of the detainees, particularly kids, had scars on their bodies and told the police they had been sexually abused in the college, according to the spokesman.

“They had scars and some marks of torture and violence on them. They had been pleading they ought to be taken out of the location and they have been evacuated from that facility,” Sabo stated.

Police are functioning with state authorities to reunite the guys and boys with their households.

Some of the detainees, who had been from neighboring nations, such as Burkina Faso and Mali, stated they had been brought to the college by their parents.