Russian Federal Prison Guards At A Instruction Camp To Earn The Suitable To Put on A Maroon Beret


In contrast to a lot of nations, prison officers in Russia are anticipated to be combat educated to cope with violent incidents

Everyday Mail: Elite Russian prison officers undergo rigorous coaching camp to earn the ideal to put on a maroon beret

* The unique job force servicemen battled for the enviable status symbol in Mordovia
* Tests consist of a cross nation race, 12-minute boxing matches and displaying expertise with weapons
* ‘Psychological manipulation’ group run alongside them hurling abuse and attempting to place them off

Russian federal prison guards took component in a main coaching workout in the Republic of Mordovia to prove they had been certified to put on a maroon beret awarded to elite candidates

The Federal Penitentiary Service is the physique in charge with incarcerating criminals in the Russian Federation.

Every single year, groups of hopefuls participate in a grueling coaching camp – this year held in Mordovia, exactly where they are tested to the limit ahead of becoming awarded a maroon beret.

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WNU Editor:  These guys are substantial. I had a buddy who was incarcerated in a Russian prison years ago. When I went to see him in court I will in no way neglect how massive and intimidating these guards are.


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