The Broncos looked on their way to victory against the Jaguars. Their running game was on fire in the second half. Josey Jewell’s absence could be a factor.

When the Denver Broncos entered halftime up 17-6, it looked as if the team was well on their way to victory. Josey Jewell was knocked out of the game at some point in the second quarter.

At the halftime mark, the Jacksonville Jaguars only had 25 yards rushing. Gardner Minshew threw for 90 yards. That gave them a grand total of 115 yards in the very first half. All was going nicely for the Denver Broncos. That absence of Josey Jewell proved to make a substantial effect on the second half.

Leonard Fournette played like a man possessed in the second half. He would finish the game with 225 rushing yards on 29 carries as the Jaguars went to a run heavy offense. Their very first drive of the second half took nicely more than ten minutes off the play clock. And it was thanks to the operating potential of Fournette.

As for Josey Jewell, Vic Fangio stated post game that his hamstring injury flared up, which forced him out of action for the final 3 quarters of the game. When he departed, every little thing gradually but certainly went south.

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Getting the run defense of the Denver Broncos get gashed like that was horrendous to see. It was even worse when Fournette scampered whilst deep in his personal territory on an 81-yard run. That play alone was deflating.

With out Josey Jewell on the field, the Denver Broncos could fundamentally permit a semi truck to get via the holes that they opened up. And they also seemed to not be in a position to slow down the semi as tackling on operating plays had been downright disgusting.

With out Josey Jewell, the Denver Broncos will want to come across a way to cease the operating game. Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler are subsequent on the schedule. It is not going to be quick.