Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Have been Secretly Married, Now Headed For Divorce Battle?


Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx secret divorce

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been secretly married now they’re headed for a divorce battle? That is the ridiculous story from one particular of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can confirm that the rumor is completely untrue.

The marriage situation can be located in the newest situation of Woman’s Day, which starts its piece by claiming Foxx has been finding more than his split from Holmes by “hitting all the Hollywood hotspots he applied to frequent” and “chatting up girls half his age.” According to the magazine, one particular celebration in certain saw Foxx sharing a lot more than just his usual choose-up lines.

A so-named “partygoer” claims to have overheard Foxx telling persons that Holmes dumped him more than her jealousy of his partnership with his ex Kristin Grannis, with whom he co-parents their 10-year-old daughter. This alleged partier also alleges that Foxx went about telling persons he and Holmes have been married.

“While he didn’t go into also substantially detail on the marriage,” says the supposed supply, “he named her his ‘wife’ on a lot more than one particular occasion and hinted that they have been about to embark on a divorce battle.” The tabloid additional maintains that Foxx and Holmes under no circumstances got a prenup, which is why a battle is anticipated. For the duration of this exact same celebration, Foxx supposedly even referred to Holmes’ daughter, Suri, as his “stepdaughter.”

In spite of what the tabloid’s anonymous “partygoer” says, Gossip Cop reached out to Holmes’ rep, who tells us the premise is “100 % untrue.” Holmes and Foxx have been under no circumstances secretly married. The two had a casual romance that ended in a split, not a marriage that ended in a divorce. Plus, the tabloid keeps its post extremely vague, only mentioning “hotspots” and “parties,” but under no circumstances specifying precisely when and exactly where Foxx began revealing information of his “marriage.”

Also, if Holmes and Foxx had essentially tied the knot, there would be legal paperwork filed in each of their names. The tabloid’s claims about a divorce and prenup only make sense if the two have been legally married with publicly accessible documentation. Gossip Cop investigated and located no such documentation. The exes do not have a marriage certificate, and there’s no divorce battle on the horizon.

The entire post also reeks of repeated claims. Gossip Cop busted Woman’s Day in July when it attempted to push a comparable story about Holmes’ “jealousy” of Grannis. The tabloid also published a phony narrative about Foxx’s “flirtatious” nature angering Holmes just immediately after their breakup. The publication does not know the initially factor about what went on in the course of the couple’s romance, or what’s been taking place in the wake of their split.


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