Safety forces opened fire on protesters in central Baghdad on Tuesday evening, with some reports saying more than 10 had been killed and some 286 wounded.

Neighborhood sources mentioned riot police had fired on protesters, who took to the city’s Tahrir Square to demonstrate against unemployment, government corruption and poor solutions.

Some three,000 Iraqis had taken to the streets, and police had initially employed tear gas and water cannon before opening fire, according to regional sources.

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A medical professional at Healthcare City, a nearby hospital complicated, told The Independent he had noticed 4 bodies. 

A lot of of the injuries are probably to be linked to the tear gas and water cannon. 

One particular witness mentioned protesters had been “shooting back” at safety forces, and the sound of machine-gun fire was rippling across the city.  

As extra individuals converged into the square chanting anti-government slogans, riot policemen started to fire reside ammunition to disperse them, scattering the largely young male protesters, some of whom covered their face with scarves. Other protesters responded by throwing stones at safety forces and waved Iraqi flags above the water cannon. Young guys had been noticed carried away, some of them bleeding.

Iraq’s influential Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr known as in a tweet on government leaders to launch an investigation into Tuesday’s clashes.

A joint statement issued by the Iraqi interior and overall health ministries mentioned 1 individual was killed and 200 injured, which includes 40 members of the safety forces. It mentioned it “regretted” the violence that accompanied the protests in Baghdad and quite a few other provinces, blaming “a group of rioters” for the inciting violence, when calling for calm and restraint.

With extra reporting by agencies