The São Paulo at sea. Brazilian Navy

Warzone/The Drive: Brazil’s Aircraft Carrier To Be Auctioned Off Just after Years Of Disappointment

An work is underway to attempt to turn the ship into a museum, when the fate of the Brazilian Navy’s carrier-primarily based Skyhawk jets is now in query.

Brazil’s Ministry of Defense has reportedly begun the procedure of auctioning off its retired aircraft carrier, the ex-São Paulo, with bids beginning at $1.275 million, roughly a tenth of what the nation paid to invest in the ship from France almost two decades ago. The Brazilians formally decided to decommission the flattop two years ago, which has left the fate of the country’s AF-1 Skyhawk carrier-primarily based combat jets in limbo ever given that.

The Brazilians officially place the carrier up for sale on Sept. 23, 2019, according to Airway1. Initially commissioned in the French Navy as the Foch in 1963, she was the second of two Clemenceau class aircraft carriers and remained in service in France till 2000. Brazil bought the ship that very same year for the bargain price tag of $12 million. At the time of São Paulo’s retirement, there have been only two other nations in the globe, the United States and France, nonetheless operating catapult-assisted takeoff and barrier assisted recovery (CATOBAR) configured aircraft carriers.

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Update: Brazil Is Promoting Its Only Aircraft Carrier For Just $1.two Million (Zero Hedge).

WNU Editor: The only takers will be the scrap dealers.