Dan McKie is each a resident and a familiar name in the crucial Ibiza electronic scene. He’s demonstrated his knack for gritty four-on-the-floor tech home and techno kind productions with several releases and international tour performances. A complete-bodied collection of underground minimal and tech home, Dan McKie’s newest EP Eight Zero #22 showcases his expanding potential to generate dark and dirty dance floor killers that are as grimy as they are beautiful.

Dan’s Eight Zero #22 EP is a collection of endless rhythm, as the warping basslines and squelching acid synth accents of “3.01” build a popping, punching dynamism that McKie deftly suspends midway for a darker, a lot more ethereal segue. The 2nd track “44km” drives, pretty much actually sound FX flashing by with the hypnotic rhythm of lights on the freeway, an unconscious sense of movement masterfully replicated in the mix.

“I wanted to join the plethora of talent I have signed to the artist EP series on my 1980 Recordings so I delivered four tracks of equal dirt and grit. A single of them is extremely tongue in cheek as it nods to a song all parents of any below five-year-old will know, I will not say substantially a lot more than that ha. Hopefully the techy techno sound and vibe will grab listeners’ interest.” – Dan Mckie

McKie ups the relentless sense of pace on “Papi Tiburon,” a pared down track that sees its chugging power steadily construct in pace. The most vocal reduce of the 4, synth stabs and syncopated cowbells give “They Contact Me Danger” an immediate rolling motion that McKie intersperses with only the slightest flutters of vocal drop.

Everyone can hear the playfulness in McKie’s productions, undulating the central beat of the track, and producing an atmosphere of anticipation and suspense inside the composition. McKie has toured frequently more than the years as a Pacha Ibiza international ambassador and below his personal moniker, playing venues in Egypt, the UK, Germany, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Italy, Spain, Ireland and a lot more.