For these of us old adequate to recall Breakin’ two: Electric Boogaloo, Lionel Richie’s video for Dancing On the Ceiling, or Fred Astaire’s functionality in Royal Wedding, Billie Eilish’s functionality throughout the Season 45 premiere of Saturday Evening Reside was a thing we had noticed prior to decades ago. But, watching the 17-year-old pop star effortlessly stroll on walls and the ceiling throughout a reside functionality of her chart-topping song Poor Guy had a lot of shocked folks on social media asking the query: how did she do it?

Due to the fact she injured her ankle earlier this month, Eilish was wearing a leg brace. But, that didn’t hold her from nailing the one of a kind functionality that had folks speaking, calling it “epic,” “dope,” and “sick.” Nevertheless, folks had queries.

“I require an explainer video on how the walls are moving and how the cameras are functioning in this #BillieEilish functionality on @nbcsnl,” wrote 1 fan, even though a different asked, “How’d Billie do that walking on walls & the ceiling point? Was it trick photography? Was a magnet in the footwear?”

They accomplished the optical illusion with Eilish performing in a gradually-rotating set with an attached camera that remained nevertheless. At the finish of the functionality, NBC gave viewers a peek at the set by zooming out, but Justin Theroux shared a brief behind-the-scenes video on his Instagram Stories to give fans a greater appear on how they have been capable to pull it off.

The square box set that Eilish was in featured sketched tiles on the floor and window panels on the walls. As the set rotated, it was tough for several viewers to figure out what was going on.

Joining Eilish throughout the one of a kind functionality was her older brother Finneas O’Connell, who wasn’t inside the rotating set with his sister. But, he did put on a matching black and neon outfit as he stood on stage.

Surprisingly, this is not the very first time they have applied a rotating set on SNL. Back in 1986, Penn and Teller performed a magic trick exactly where the duo appeared to be standing on the stage even though the things in their hands magically shot upward immediately after they let them go.

At the finish of the sketch, the camera zoomed out to reveal that they had been hanging upside down the complete time.

The rotating set strategy has been applied in several films – in particular ones that take location in space – to show performers defying gravity. It was also applied in the Christopher Nolan film Inception throughout the memorable hotel fight scene that featured Joseph Gordon Levitt navigating his way by way of the hallways.


New episodes of Saturday Evening Reside air Saturday nights on NBC.

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