Stratfor: Saudi Arabia Considers the Consequences of a Strike on Iran

* Determined to stay away from becoming additional embroiled in the Middle East, the United States will push Saudi Arabia to take the lead in any prospective military strike on Iran.
* But if Riyadh chooses to stage such an attack, it will have to contend with the consequences that the additional credible its actions, the additional considerable Iran’s retaliation could be.
* In the end, Saudi Arabia has the indicates to strike back, but it will uncover it challenging to insulate itself from subsequent Iranian counterstrikes.
* Accordingly, Riyadh will seek as considerably U.S. help and backing as attainable prior to it proceeds.

Two weeks immediately after a devastating attack on Saudi oil facilities at Abqaiq and Khurais, a single important query remains up in the air: What are the United States and Saudi Arabia going to do in response? Each are attempting to make a compelling case that Iran was straight culpable for the attacks. With proof of Iran’s guilt, they can additional isolate Tehran diplomatically, potentially paving the way for an aggressive response.

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