There have been a lot of news stories about Joe Giudice lately, which is fascinating given that there have been no actual updates in his deportation case. He is nonetheless attempting to get this appeal and he’s nonetheless waiting it out in an ICE detention center. Even so, he was featured on the True Housewives of New Jersey Season 10 trailer, by means of speakerphone, of course.

He shares the news with estranged wife Teresa Giudice about his deportation, which the complete planet currently knew about. He also tells Teresa that he by no means really wanted to get married, which was hopefully just a imply comment mentioned in the midst of anger. Nonetheless, there was 1 super random news story about Joe. According to reports he desires to get into the super steady profession of MMA fighting. That just had to be a rumor suitable. Nicely, apparently it is correct. Teresa confirmed it herself. And I’m not gonna lie, my very first reaction was shock that these two are really in touch. She just appears.. ummm… busy these days.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Teresa mentioned, “Yes, it is correct,” when she was asked about Joe’s MMA aspirations. She also claims that he has an “MMA fighter physique.” I just cringed and skilled a flashback to the earlier True Housewives of New Jersey seasons when Teresa would brag about how “hot” and “juicy” she believed Joe was. Ugh. What a very simple time.

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Apparently, Joe has lost fifty pounds in prison. Not only that, but a supply told Web page Six that he is a “trained martial artist.” An inside supply also claimed, “He desires to compete and he desires to compete now, in not martial arts, but mixed martial arts.”

Do they have MMA fighting in Italy? I cannot support questioning. How lengthy will Joe have to wait till he finds out about his deportation verdict? Tick tock.

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Inform US- DO YOU Assume It is A Fantastic Notion FOR JOE TO Come to be AN MMA FIGHTER?

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