Wendell Sailor could be one particular of the most celebrated rugby players in Australian history, but he revealed an completely various talent when he appeared on The Masked Singer. Offered his sporting prowess, viewers had been left pleasantly shocked upon the discovery of his singing and dancing skills. Though he charmed audiences all through his performances, he was eventually eliminated in ninth location. Beneath, he chats the troubles of undertaking the show, his hesitations going in and why he wasn’t satisfied with singing Flo Rida’s ‘Low’.

POPSUGAR Australia: How was watching the episode final evening?

Wendell: It was nerve-wracking! Even although you know what is going to come about, you nonetheless want to see what the reaction from other folks is. There was also a lot of relief, and my adrenaline was pumping for a couple of hours final evening from all the folks messaging me going, “oh I believed it was you,” or “you told me it wasn’t you!”

PS: How a lot of of your family members and close friends knew you had gone on the show?

Wendell: Only my wife and my son and daughter. I kept it in-home, my little ones necessary to know what I was undertaking considering that I was away all week and my wife aids handle my brand. My little ones are 21 and 16, so they naturally knew it was critical to not say something about it and it was all fantastic!

PS: What was the public’s reaction like? I really feel like every person convinced it was Brendan Fevola rather than you. . .

Wendell: Yeah, I consider the Fev issue caught on for the reason that he sort of threw himself beneath the bus on his radio show. I consider folks just enjoy the anticipation of wanting to see you take the mask off, like I was even sitting there [during the previous episode] going, “no way is it Nikki Webster!” Like you are all in, you are all in and you just want to see.

PS: Final evening you described the knowledge as “one particular of the hardest items you have ever completed”. What created it so tough?

Wendell: Anything! The singing, attempting to go to sleep, attempting to try to remember my words, having via the nerves and the worry of failure and asking yourself how folks will react to your costume, your mask and who you are. All these sort of items play in your head, as nicely as obtaining to get it correct when you carry out. We went via the overall performance as soon as or twice, but by the time you go to carry out it once again the subsequent morning you are nervous. It really is focus to detail, it is repetition, it is every little thing. It really is like playing football and instruction, except it is singing and dancing!

PS: What created you choose to go on the show?

Wendell: Properly I stated no a couple of instances prior to I agreed to it, but at times you have just got to tick the boxes. I had that worry of failure and I am also actually claustrophobic, but I believed if I can do this and prove to myself and my family members that I can tick a couple of boxes then that would be fantastic to do. Also, when I saw the American version, I just knew it’d be a fantastic show to do.

PS: How a lot knowledge had you had in performing and singer prior to undertaking the show?

Wendell: None actually! I’ve completed Dancing With the Stars prior to, but no singing. I’d only sung in the car or truck, in the shower or the fitness center. I’ve generally loved dancing and have danced considering that a young age, but not to that level or with that a lot choreography! Picture attempting to do all that with a rhino costume on? It was a really hard activity!

PS: How did Network 10 know to strategy you about it, and that you could hold a tune?

Wendell: I never know, I consider they just threw out a net! The 1st time I was named I was just like, “nup, no way can I do that,” but then they came back to me once again and I was told they had been quite keen on having me on. My wife then stated to me, “babe, you know what, I reckon you can do this!” So when your wife says that, that is when you go, “okay really let’s give it a go.”

PS: How did you really feel about the clues they chose for you, did you consider they had been as well tough or as well effortless?

Wendell: No, I consider they had been fine! There had been some effortless ones there and some tougher as nicely. If you are from Perth or Adelaide and never know about the 4 premierships and stuff like that then it could have been tougher, but I reckon they had been fantastic! They did it correct for the reason that the clues could have applied to a couple of folks, like folks had been considering Barry Hall or Brendan Fevola. Brendan’s the very same age as me and has been to a couple of various clubs as nicely, as the clues hinted at, so I consider they did it actually nicely!

PS: Had been you satisfied with the songs that you had been provided to carry out?

Wendell: The 1st one particular I was satisfied with, but the second one particular [‘Low’ by Flo Rida] I wasn’t. It was a rap song, and even although it suited the character of the Rhino, it was such a really hard song to do. I did not really get it correct till the day of the overall performance, like the day prior to when rehearsing I was so nervous. I never thoughts Flo Rida, he’s one particular of my favourite artists, but I reckon a thing other than a rap song would have been improved. It is what it is!

PS: How did you finish up getting provided the alter ego of the Rhino? How does it symbolise you?

Wendell: Properly the Rhino is significant and robust, and can come across as a bit headstrong, which is a thing that is gotten me in difficulty. I consider that all conformed to my character, and when I attempted the costume on I just knew it was the best match for me.

PS: What do you consider would surprise us viewers the most about your knowledge of filming the show?

Wendell: For the viewers it would almost certainly just be the reality I went on the show, and that I enjoy singing and dancing so a lot. I’ve never ever been a public singer, I never even sing karaoke. To take your self out of the sporting field and do a thing in entertainment I consider tends to make folks actually shocked. It was funny hunting on social media and seeing folks with singing backgrounds commenting like, “I can not think you got the chance to sing on national Television, I’ve been undertaking this for a couple of years and I need to be the one particular up there.” But at the finish of the day, it is a show!

PS: I consider you need to be actually proud of producing it as far as you did thinking of the competitors you had been up against!

Wendell: I did want to make it one particular much more week so I’d make it halfway via the competitors at least, but I was quite satisfied that I beat Brett Lee! I’ve been close friends with Brett for years so I may possibly attempt to give him a get in touch with more than the subsequent day or two and have a laugh with him about it all!