Hip Hop artist Travis Scott is going viral this morning – and NOT in a very good way. People on social media are suggesting that Travis might have been involved sexually with Instagram model/rapper Rubi Rose, when she was underage.

Travis is the most up-to-date celebrity male to have his reputation TRASHED on line, following splitting up with a single of the Kardashian females. He and Kylie Jenner broke up earlier this week.

The Twitter detectives that are accuse Travis of impropriety have compiled what they calling “receipts” to prove their case. 

So far Travis has not responded to the allegations, and neither has Rubi Rose.

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It all began when Rubi Rose gave an interview on Vlad Television a handful of days ago. 

Rubi was asked regardless of whether she ever messed about with Travis and she stated “yes, when I was younger.” But the model seemed incredibly uncomfortable when she answered the query and stated to the interviewer, “Ought to I do this?”


Effectively that awkward response got Twitter detectives to appear into how a lot younger Ruby was when the  two had been messing about.

Rubi is at the moment 22 years old. Right here are Tweets from her back in 2014/15 – when she was just 16 years old and in higher college. At the time, Travis was 21 years old.


Right here are pics of Rubi Rose:

Rubi is a model and video vixen who is possibly most renowned for her look in the Migos’ music video for their 2017 smash hit “Poor & Boujee.” She has also been featured in music videos like Raury’s “Cigarette Song.”