The Twilight Sad Share Two New Songs: “Rats” and “Public Housing”

It Won/t Be Like This All the Time Out Now by way of Rock Action

Oct 08, 2019

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Scotland’s The Twilight Sad released a new album, It Won/t Be Like This All the Time, back in January by way of Mogwai’s label, Rock Action. Now they have shared two new songs, “Rats” and “Public Housing.” The songs had been written throughout the sessions for It Won/t Be Like This All the Time but did not make the album. Verify them out beneath.

The band’s guitarist Andy MacFarlane had this to say about the songs in a press release: “‘Rats’ was in the initial of demos, along with ‘Shooting Dennis Hopper Shooting’ and ‘The Arbor’, that paved the way for building the sound and path we wanted to take the album in. We had been attempting to capture far more of the chaotic reside sound of the band and condense it into 3 minutes.”

Frontman James Graham had this to say: “As the recording method progressed, we could inform that these two songs had been a small various from the rest of the album. To me they felt heavier and lyrically they came from a spot of comprehensive despair. They began to stand out on their personal separately from the album. They had been songs we seriously liked and they weren’t just off-cuts from the album either – we wanted them to stand on their personal. So we felt like a suitable release was deserved. The two songs really feel linked to me, a single has no hope and the other is reaching out, hunting for some very good in men and women/myself/the planet.”

With regards to the songs’ lyrics, Graham had this to say: “‘Rats’ does not have considerably hope it is from a dark spot. It was written on a dark day for me personally. I feel that is fairly apparent with lines like ‘all you like is dead’. It really is also a reaction about a mindset I feel is extremely harmful in our society: the attitude of ‘just get on with it’ and that speaking about your feelings or insecurities can be noticed as a weakness. I feel it is a big issue taking that strategy towards young guys particularly – the term ‘man up’ getting a horrible instance. The line ‘don’t take it to heart’ represents this. Being aware of that attitude exists all about you when you are struggling tends to make you really feel extremely alone. These songs are bleak but writing them helped get me out of a negative spot in my head.”

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Previously the band shared 3 songs from It Won/t Be Like This All the Time, beginning with “I/m Not Right here [missing face],” a new song they shared back in July 2018 (it was a single of our Songs of the Week), and album closer “Videograms,” which they shared in September 2018 when the album was announced (it was also a single of our Songs of the Week). Then they shared “VTr” (it was also a single of our Songs of the Week), as nicely as a video for “VTr.” The album was our joint Album of the Week.

Perform on It Won/t Be Like This All the Time started throughout the band’s current tours with The Remedy. Guitarist Andy MacFarlane worked on demos in his London dwelling. Six months later the band got with each other in November 2017 in a remote rehearsal space on Loch Fyne and then recorded the album in January of this year at Devon’s Middle Farm Studios with reside engineer Andy Bush. This the initial album that sees lengthy-time touring members Brendan Smith (The Blue Nile, The Unwinding Hours) and Johnny Docherty (Take a Worm For a Stroll Week, RUNGS) officially join the band.

In a prior press release frontman James Graham had this to say about recording the album: “I’ve often noticed Brendan and Johnny as portion of the band and it is time to say that aloud. From the actual coming with each other of the demos to recording the final versions of these songs has most likely been a single of my favored experiences of getting in the band. All 4 of us had been throwing concepts in, whereas ahead of Andy had mapped it all out. After he got previous the point of creating the demos his point of view was ‘we require to make these even greater. These require to take a step up from exactly where they are.’ He opened the floor to everyone.

“The benefits speak for themselves: an exhilarating listen, by turns cinematic and claustrophobic in its scope, the band dug deep to produce It Won/t Be Like This All the Time, and it is possibly their most raw and dynamic record to date. 

“It really is a dark record but I feel there are some uplifting moments to be had as well. There are so quite a few extremes right here – there are moments that are harsh, then other folks that are fairly melodic and other folks that are stripped appropriate down. This album certainly comes with the extremes of every single side of the band, I feel. There is a particular direct openness and candor now but at the similar time I want to hold some mystery. We do not like to throw issues in people’s faces and spell it out for them.”  

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