BBMAK, the 3-piece English pop group, lately reunited right after a hiatus that lasted more than a decade in order to release a new complete-length album titled Powerstation on October 11th of this year. In spite of the time they have spent apart, the group’s fan base remains robust and their overall performance on Great Morning America in August only sparked their supporters’ interest to hear the new LP.

In our exclusive interview, BBMAK opened up about reuniting, fans and touring right after the hiatus.

How does it really feel to have your very first album in 16 years out to be enjoyed by the common public?

It feels astounding to be releasing music once more with my brothers Mark and Ste! We guarantee it will not be yet another 16 years prior to the subsequent record!

What do you consider has changed more than the years in terms of how your music is sonically now and what it focuses on? 

I consider, of course, we have been subjected to a lot of unique forms of music considering the fact that we did the final record. We can get away with experimenting a bit much more as we have the 3 vocal blend to use as the glue and give it that BBMAK sound.

You lately performed on Great Morning America! Are you excited to be back undertaking performances and appearances on a huge level once more? 

Yeah, that was the very first huge Television we have carried out considering the fact that we announced the album release. It was astounding [to] see all of the fans lining up at two am just to get a peek. We totally loved performing on the show. It was good to be back on USA Television!

If you could spread one particular message to all of your fans who have continued to assistance you right after the hiatus, what would it be and why? 

I would just like to inform them how grateful we are for their assistance. We would not be undertaking this if it was not for the fans. Thanks for waiting.

Are you prepared to get back on the road and execute these songs reside? Which tracks are you most seeking forward to performing on tour? 

Yeah, we will be undertaking some of the old songs on tour, but [those] as properly as ‘Uncivil War.’ We can not wait to execute that one particular reside!

Following this new album and seeking into the future, do you all have any dream collaborations or artists/bands you would like to tour with in the subsequent handful of months or years? 

Christian: I would appreciate to do a thing with a female singer. I consider that could be cool. Taylor Swift, if you are reading…

Mark: I seriously appreciate Nile Rodgers [and] would appreciate to collaborate with him on a thing.

Ste: In a dream, I would appreciate to get in the area and produce a thing with Peter Gabriel.

Tickets to see BBMAK on tour are on-sale now. For much more details, click right here. 

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Tour Dates

11/three Property of Blues / Voodoo Room – San Diego, CA
11/five Belasco Theater – Los Angeles, CA 
11/six Slims – San Francisco, CA
11/7 Property of Blues – Anaheim, CA
11/15 Epcot/ WDW – Orlando, FL
11/16 Epcot/WDW – Orlando, FL
12/12 02 Academy Islington – London UK
12/13 02 Academy two – Birmingham, UK
12/15 Academy 3  – Manchester, UK
12/16 Oran Mor – Glasgow, UK


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