The Guardian: Tech firms know extra about us than any spy agency – ex-GCHQ chief

David Omand warns Cheltenham festival audience of threat to democracy from monetisation of information

Huge world wide web firms know extra about the lives of private men and women than any intelligence agency ever has and that is a harmful threat to democracy, the former head of the spy agency GCHQ has stated.

David Omand was at the centre of British intelligence for decades, starting his profession at GCHQ following he graduated from Cambridge in 1969 and becoming its director from 1996-97.

At the Cheltenham literature festival on Tuesday, exactly where he was advertising his new book exploring the ethics of spying, he recommended that men and women ought to be extra concerned about what organizations such as Facebook and Google know about us than the state.

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WNU Editor: And the punchline is that most of us give these world wide web organizations our private data willingly.

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