The Bachelor Australia runner-up Abbie Chatfield has opened up about a tricky couple of months just before the show exactly where she elected to have an abortion.

The 24-year-old was a controversial figure on the plan soon after quite a few of the contestants complained to Matt Agnew that she was only there to increase her profile.

Abbie discussed her expertise on The Bachelor in an unfiltered interview on the Shameless podcast exactly where she admitted to feeling triggered soon after the expertise.

The Bachelor Australia's Abbie Chatfield and Matt Agnew
The Bachelor Australia’s Abbie Chatfield and Matt Agnew. (Network 10)

“I would cry every single single day,” Abbie stated.

“When [former winners] Laura [Byrne] and Snez [Wood] came the producer asked me if I was questioning what it was like to be pregnant. I just began sobbing. The issues that have been brought up was that I was there for a social profile, for Bachelor in Paradise.

“I (was) so sick of obtaining to justify why I have not been screaming from the rooftops ‘I want kids’… and why I am a bit hesitant to say that I want young children, simply because I’ve had an abortion a year ago. At that time I felt quite guilty for saying that I wanted youngsters.”

The Bachelor Australia's Abbie Chatfield
The Bachelor Australia’s Abbie Chatfield. (Instagram)

Abbie admitted to the co-hosts that she’d told Matt about the expertise for the duration of a single of their single dates, but that he assured her that they would not air it.

“I told Matt about the abortion soon after the moving date when it was brought up once again about the marriage and youngsters factor,” she stated.

“I whispered it to him and then his producer did not hear me and stated ‘Abbie you happen to be going to have to say it out loud. I turned about and looked dead in the camera and stated ‘I had a f—ing abortion final year’.

“Following that I went and sobbed on the bed in the foetal position. Becoming embarrassed, becoming ashamed, becoming scared that he would assume differently of me, as nicely as becoming so exhausted of explaining why I have not stated that I want to have youngsters to these girls… it was an emotionally intense expertise.”

Abbie explained that her option to go public with her abortion was to combat current stigmas.


“A lot of ladies have abortions and, no matter if or not you know they have abortions, it is OK. I just do not want people today to be shamed for that or really feel internal shame. 

“Perhaps somebody who’s sort of in the public eye saying they’ve had an abortion and that it is OK will assistance them.”

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