The Flash’s fall premiere “Into the Void” was a heartfelt and energetic return to the DCTV line-up. With a new showrunner and set-up for its sixth season, hopes are extremely higher for The Scarlet Speedster and Group Flash. Let’s talk about how the very first new episode went down.

Barry and Iris

We knew that the loss of Nora was going to leave a gaping hole in West-Allen globe, and the show handled the weight of that loss seriously nicely. Barry and Iris attempt to retain up appearances for worry of falling fully “into the void”, not realizing till later that it is only by way of facing their loss that they can commence the healing method.

Barry’s higher crime snatching price and endless babbling are clear clues into his anxiousness and discomfort about Nora, but it is Iris’ quiet suffering, the discomfort of a mother, that cuts extremely deeply in this episode. Her pursuit of the purple jacket and anguished revelation that “for a moment she wanted the black hole to swallow her also” that remind us just how deep and dark the discomfort of loss can be.

Becoming the super couple that they are, Barry and Iris locate a way to reconnect about Nora’s loss. They ultimately speak honestly about their heart break and vow to assistance one particular an additional in a way that only they could do. This is why West-Allen remains such a favored for fans. Getting the foundation of their partnership be a rock strong friendship makes it possible for them to be open and vulnerable without the need of judgement. Barry and Iris talks are often the finest ones-the ones exactly where one particular or each of them leaves feeling supported and additional loved than ever. Of course, this could not final although- it would not be The Flash without the need of a monster sized monkey wrench.

With the loss of Nora just hanging in the background, Barry and Iris locate themselves confronted with the acceleration of the Crisis timeline. Sigh…

Ramsey Rosso/Bloodwork

So, I do not usually place pics in my evaluations, but this just had to be performed. Ok, back to the process at hand.
Dr. Ramsey Rosso enters this episode as a grief-stricken pal who has lost him mom but extremely promptly reveals himself to be a maniac.
Sweetly buttering Caitlin up for the kill, he lures her into considering he merely demands somebody to speak to ahead of pouncing on her with his correct intentions.

Ramsey appears to secretly (nicely, not so secretly now) resent his mother for dying. His rage now propels him to think he can cheat death. This variety of grand considering in no way ends nicely, but I am down for the ride.

Seeing Ramsey reveal his villainy this early on is satisfying. In the previous, these items have been quite poorly drawn out, so cheers to setting this story in motion!

Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost

Just about every season, I come to The Flash with an open thoughts and crossed fingers that they will get this story line appropriate. So, Caitlin has seemed to choose that she’ll take a back seat for a although and let Killer Frost have a life? Do I have that appropriate? The track record with Caitlin has been abysmal. Perhaps Killer Frost will get much better- her fans absolutely deserve additional for the time they have invested in this character. Like Bloodwork’s early reveal, perhaps the early option to be Killer Frost will lead to additional complicated stories and thrilling scenes to discover without the need of the back and forth/inner struggle story. It was seriously played out to be sincere. Here’s hoping.

Group Flash

The group appears to be thriving. Cisco and Kamilla are nonetheless cute as ever. Cisco becoming the tech geek complete time is a win. He and Iris at the com-method is often a great laugh. Joe and Cecile are nonetheless weird with their ghost child. That entire story line was just so.. I feel the word I am searching for is pointless. And Cecile’s powers? Why does she nonetheless have them? Are they fading-should not they be? Once more, what is the point? I know Eric has to locate clever approaches to repair some of the items he may perhaps not have green lit, but this foolishness is a wonderful location to get started.

Ralph nonetheless manages to have some charm with his life coach gig and often dim whitted approaches. The addition of Sue has the possible to give his story some a lot required heft.

Other Issues I Was Pondering As I Watched

*I loved the void theme! The black hole/the hole in the lives of Barry and Iris. How you have to go deeper into the darkness to locate your light! Loved, loved, loved it!

*Barry becoming a hero once more! Chasing terrible guys with Cisco and Kamilla cheering him on, saving the city, becoming Iris’ hero! You much better do it Eric!

*Barry and Iris’ theme music. My heart just melted when they got to the time vault and their small theme came on. All their sweetest moments flooded my thoughts. Kisses, hugs, their new location. I was in West-Allen pieces.

*Did I say Ramsey was fine? Cuz I am not confident if I did. You know he’s fine when Killer Frost, who Caitlin could not spend to come out, jumped out at the touch of his hand! I know, I know, perhaps she detected his craziness, but I am just saying. He could make somebody wanna reside a life.

*Bloodwork’s 3 minute screen time was much better than ALL of the season 5 Cicada mess.

*Candice Patton’s function is worthy of a shout out. She regularly and convincingly has poured her heart into her scenes-in particular these that involve speaking about or considering about Nora. Confusion, heart break, anguish, unconditional adore- she has provided Iris the complete depth of these feelings.

*Joe’s “ain’t no one assist clean up” right after the barbecue. I was hollering!

*Speaking of mentioned barbecue, now I am not complaining mainly because yams and collard greens are absolutely much better than Grandma Esther’s noodles, but exactly where was the potato salad? Baked beans? Perhaps I missed them on the table.

*Why hasn’t Cisco provided Flash a banging hero song to hero to ahead of now? I will take it although.

*Chester. Lord, what is he gonna be performing at STAR Labs???

“Into the Void” was a strong get started to the sixth season. It appears to have guarantee and the opportunity to be a reset for a series that began out robust but has given that faded. What did you feel of The Flash’s season premiere? Share your thoughts down under! You can catch The Flash at 7pm on Tuesdays on the CW.

As often, thanks for reading!