Fans of Breaking Terrible are bound to be something but blue this weekend as they take in Vince Gilligan’s epilogue to the original AMC series on Netflix, El Camino: A Breaking Terrible Film. The film, which picks up straight following the events of the show’s bloody finale, explores what became of Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) following his escape from the white supremacist compound.

In the method of facing his future, although, Jesse also appears back on some crucial moments from his previous that we did not see through the series’ very first run. The shifting timeline implies there are flashbacks, Easter eggs, cameos, and callbacks sprinkled all through El Camino, even as the film offers Breaking Terrible fans some closure concerning a handful of dangling threads from the series’ finish.

El Camino: A Breaking Terrible Film Critique: Just Give Aaron Paul the Emmy Currently

Probabilities are you currently noticed the large ones — the character cameos in specifically have been not possible to overlook — but did you catch all of the winks Gilligan had to give Breaking Terrible fans in El Camino? We parsed via the film to uncover all the familiar faces, areas, props, and plot points we could and collected them in the gallery under.

Click via the gallery under to see what we noticed, but beware the numerous spoilers ahead!

El Camino: A Breaking Terrible Film is readily available to stream on Netflix.

Images:El Camino: A Breaking Terrible Movie’s Easter Eggs and Cameos

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, <em>El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie</em>Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, El Camino: A Breaking Terrible Film