Packers Wide Receiver Davante Adams Not Certain of When He Can Return

Davante Adams, technically, remains day-to-day as he recovers from a turf toe injury suffered against the Eagles on Sept. 26. But for the 26-year-old Packers wide receiver, there’s much more to the injury than something he has dealt with just before, Jim Owczarski of Packersnews.com reports.

Namely, the discomfort involved.

Adams has suffered and played via his share of injuries, like a substantial ankle injury in 2015, but he admitted the discomfort and the inability to even generate a push off the ground was alarming. Calling it a “major injury,” he wasn’t about to speculate on a prospective return date.

“We’re just seriously attempting to pace it at this point,” Adams mentioned. “I can not seriously inform you when I’m going to play. It does not really feel how I want it to really feel at the moment, but we unquestionably have time, so we’ll just sort of play this point (out), and I know Mr. (Matt) LaFleur will unquestionably be capable to take care of any other queries relating to that.”