The Comet Is Coming “The Afterlife” (2019)


I am struck with a sense of disappointment as an fascinating discovery, Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery, has been swiftly followed up in a matter of months by the London primarily based Jazz Fusion trio. I was dead keen to get on this record, it kicks off with the familiar voice of featured collaborator Joshua Idehen who loaned his voice to Sons Of Kemet. He brings a hype with poetic cries of believed invoking rhymes but bellow him the murmuring base fuzz, spacious percussive grooves and Smooth Jazz saxophone fail to strike a nerve beyond the affordable. From there the rest of these thirty minutes appear to fall into the exact same rut of mediocrity. Gone are the tantalizing grooves of obnoxious Metal and thumping EDM music, it recoils back to its roots, dissolving the spice that created this band so fascinating and inviting. A dip in kind might exacerbate my reaction but a closer evaluation appears to additional these feelings.

Just after its opening quantity, the subsequent two tracks meander by means of the directionless wandering of low essential playing on an ambient setting of bassy synths. Its good background music but tiny of the musics unraveling is captivating. The initially half of Lifeforce has a related sense of lurking in ambiguity, mustering some suspense for whats to come in the second half exactly where temperate drum grooves and lively two note grooving intertwines with sparse melodies by means of the saxophone. Its just one particular song amongst sleepers. Its final piece reminds me of Vapourwave vibes in a excellent way, having said that it also is a sleepy track alluding to an atmosphere that just does not engage me. There is absolutely nothing negative right here, the aesthetics are as beautiful as prior to having said that the low essential nature of the music itself turns the entire factor from a jam to a lull that did not capture an ambient charm, which might have been their intention.

Rating: four/10


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