Former True Housewives of Orange County star Lauri Peterson is speaking out following her son, Josh Warring, was attacked by a fellow inmate although in jail on Wednesday, October 9th.

“I am horrified, sad, brokenhearted, disgusted, and appalled by my son’s situation!” Lauri told Us Weekly on Friday, October 11.

Lauri 1st discovered of Josh’s situation although going to her 30-year-old son in an Orange County jail.

“This scenario should really have in no way been permitted to occurred as Josh is SEP, which is that he is in no way permitted get in touch with with any one! He is in a module that absolutely everyone in it is protective custody for varying factors and in no way permitted to have get in touch with with every single other or any one,” Lauri explained.

Josh has been in prison because 2016 following he was arrested for allegedly shooting a man then fleeing the scene in a stolen car. The family members continues to insist that Josh is innocent.

“Josh is innocent for what he has been falsely accused of,” Lauri declared. “He is innocent!”

The former reality Television star also shared photos of Josh’s injuries. Warning, they are graphic.

The 30-year-old received many stitches on his face as nicely as 20 staples in his chest.

It turns out this is not the 1st time Josh has been attacked although behind bars.

“I’m tired of hearing that it was a ‘mistake’ that they let inmates in to kill Josh,” Lauri revealed. “I do not think any longer that these are basically blunders.”

“I think that particular deputies are facilitating these incidents to trigger harm, and even death, to my son due to his litigation against the county,” she continued. Lauri also alleges that Josh has been hit in the face with “several rounds of pepper-balls by a deputy into his cell although he was sleeping.”

She concluded: “A dead man can not speak. A dead man can not litigate! Josh’s life is in danger! This torture should quit! This actually adds insult to injury!”

Josh is due back in court on October 18th.

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