Ever considering that Alpha and Beta arrived on “The Walking Dead,” we truly wanted to know how these two crazy children met. Tonight, we discovered just that, as the AMC series devoted an whole episode to the Whisperer queen and her suitable hand man.

The narrative was split in between the present day and their initial encounter with every other seven years just before. For recap purposes, we’re going to break this down chronologically, starting with the backstory.

“We Are the Finish of the Globe” started with Alpha (Samantha Morton) and a young Lydia on their personal, watching a lady get devoured by walkers as they shuffled along with them, covered in blood and grime. Right after one particular of Lydia’s screams place the zombies on their tail, they run and hideout in a nearby constructing — one particular we later study is the Second Lives Remedy facility, a rehab center.

Waiting for them inside was a beast of a man with a ski mask more than his face, entirely not creepy at all. We do not know his name initially, but he’s the man who we’ll later know as Beta (Ryan Hurst). When he wasn’t significantly of a talker, he permitted the two to remain in the facility overnight.

At this point, Alpha has currently retired what ever name she was offered at birth and no longer desires her daughter to get in touch with her mom. “The dead do not have names and we should not either,” she mentioned to her new roomie. “These of us who are robust adequate to nonetheless be alive out right here know every other on a primal level.”

Ahead of bed, Alpha told Lydia she demands to get her act with each other and rapidly — or she’ll “have no option but to leave you behind.” As her daughter slept, Alpha wandered the halls, ran into some zombies and went on a killing spree with her future-sidekick. Post-slaughter, they have a conversation which leads to their nicknames soon after she calls him “Massive Man,” and then “Mr. B.”

“[Mr. B is] not a name, it really is a letter,” she says. “If I am B, what does that make you?” he asks. Her answer: “A.” At some point, they decided to go Greek with it.

She also filled him in on why she likes to stroll with the walkers — explaining that it really is not basically about blending in to survive. “You gotta develop into them. Really feel what they really feel,” she told him. “There are only two types of folks left in this planet. The ones brave adequate to stroll with the dead and everyone else.”

Wandering into Beta’s wing of the hospital hunting for Lydia later, she saw a photo behind a show case with two faces scratched out, displaying Beta was apparently a patient there. A walker emerges and she kills it, only to later recognize that zombie was the other individual in the photo — and a close pal of Beta’s that he’d been maintaining “alive.”

Right after his freakout more than the death, Alpha invited him to “stroll with me in the darkness” so he’ll “by no means be alone once again.” When he was hesitant about leaving his pal behind, Alpha told him he does not have to, handing him a knife. Yep, Beta’s mask is the face of his dead finest pal — how sweet, suitable?

Flash forward seven years and Beta is on a mission to round up a lot more walkers for their horde with a pair of sisters, Frances and Mary (Thora Birch). Frances is the mother of the Whisperer child that was left on the ground outdoors of Hilltop — and her selection to adhere to Alpha’s orders and leave the kid behind is clearly haunting her.

Beta and the rest of Alpha’s followers want to kill her, as she keeps freaking out and crying about what she’s performed. She’s also in the dog property for saying out loud, “He’s with them in a much better location,” suggesting the lives of the other survivors are terrific in comparison to their personal. This does not please Beta.

“The other folks have currently spoken of the enemy, the life they saw,” he warned Alpha, worrying their followers will shed faith. “It is not a life, it is a fantasy,” she reminded him. Then, as an alternative of punishing the lady, Alpha took her aside and gave her a space to cry in and grieve, all whilst stroking her hair. Beta does not enjoy this either.

However for Frances, she had yet another freak out, this time in front of Alpha. As the walkers in their herd closed in, Mary sacrificed Frances — her personal sister — to save their leader. When asked later if she has any regrets more than what she did, Mary had none, basically calling her personal sister “uncommitted.”

Alpha was all about this answer, saying “we are strongest when we kill our personal blood” and anointing Mary “Gamma.” This, also, does not sit effectively with Beta.

Even though Alpha and Beta seem to be on entirely unique pages in the present day — some thing that could finish up biting Alpha in the butt down the line — they do come with each other once again in the finish with a creepy ass pow wow repeating their individual mantra.

“We stroll in darkness, we are cost-free. We bathe in blood, we are cost-free. We enjoy nothing at all, we are cost-free. We worry nothing at all, we are cost-free. We want no words, we are cost-free. We embrace our death, we are cost-free. This is the finish of the planet. Now is the finish of the planet. We are the finish of the planet.”

The episode ended with them seeing the smoke from the fire the other survivors place out. Realizing it was on their land, they vowed to “teach them a lesson,” whilst also obtaining their personal group back suitable on track.

The final shot: Alpha seeing Carol (Melissa McBride).

Yes, “The Walking Dead” is clearly setting up a major showdown in between these two girls — but this episode hinted at a feasible split in between Alpha and Beta as effectively. If she continues to lean on Gamma, diminish Beta’s part at the major and ignore his guidance, she could have an enemy inside her personal property.

“The Walking Dead” airs Sundays on AMC.

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