Regardless of getting a single of the world’s most significant film stars, outdoors of Marvel, Robert Downey. Jr. hasn’t had a lot of luck. His cold streak does not appear set to finish any time quickly as his very first post-Endgame part is playing Dr. Dolittle in a film referred to as, just, Dolittle. There is a increasing air of tragedy right here as rebooting Dr. Dolittle is a single of RDJ’s passion projects and hoo boy, it does not appear like issues have panned out. The very first trailer is right here, and it is undoubtedly marketing a film. Offered all the hullabaloo, I was hoping for a Cats-level clusterf-ck, but Dolittle just appears like your typical effects-heavy adventure film. Honestly, each film appears like this now, it is not particular. The most notable issue in the trailer is RDJ’s accent, which is supposed to be Welsh but mainly just sounds ridiculous. He is operating a type of Willy Wonka vibe that is not out of spot in a film about a man who talks to animals, but oddly this trailer is barely applying its star. RDJ, with renewed public affection coming off Tony Stark’s death, is hardly in the trailer at all. Most of the concentrate is on establishing shots of the several settings in the movie—never a excellent sign. The terrible omens are piling up. 

There have been a lot of rumors of difficulty on this production, initially titled The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle, soon after the film got kicked from spring 2019 to January 2020. I hope by now you know what January means—welcome to the boneyard. There have been also reshoots which involved a new writer and director, that is constantly a excellent sign. The original—and solely credited—director is Stephen Gaghan, recognized for grounded dramas like Website traffic and Syriana. Sounds like a good bet for a loved ones-friendly adventure flick with substantial CGI components. Of course, they have to do CGI animals due to the fact animal welfare requirements have enhanced because 1967 when Rex Harrison starred in a financially disastrous adaptation. Not that animal welfare requirements are good these days, animals nevertheless get hurt all the time on sets. But at least THIS time the giraffe can not step on its own dick.

But the actual gossip about Dolittle comes from, exactly where else, Reddit. A supposed crew member is spilling (alleged) tea about the production of this film. See if you can spot my absolute favored detail:

The “f-cking attractive dog” is a racist! I have SO several inquiries about the racist dog. Is it a Weimaraner? I can see a Weimaraner getting racist. And is the dog inherently racist, or was the racism educated in? CAN a dog be inherently racist? Are they not ALL excellent boys? Gaghan has a reputation for getting difficult—even a puff piece profile has to acknowledge his history—but what if the actual dilemma all along was his RACIST DOG? How deep does this dog’s reign of terror go? How extended has the majestic racist dog been abusing crew on Gaghan’s sets? Somebody get in touch with Ronan Farrow, due to the fact I have a million inquiries about the majestic racist dog. I have a feeling that the behind the scenes drama and Stephen Gaghan’s racist dog will be far more exciting than something in fact in Dolittle.