PARIS: French police fired tear gas and water cannons at thousands of firefighters protesting in central Paris on Tuesday (Oct 15) more than a lack of sources and skilled recognition.

The demonstration began off noisily but peacefully, with whistles, smoke and sirens, just before the scenario got heated and firefighters scuffled with police as they attempted to block a major road.

French firefighters

French firefighters demonstrate in the course of a protest. (REUTERS/Charles Platiau)

The police resorted to firing tear gas and water cannon at their fellow emergency solutions experts.

Dozens additional protesters assembled outdoors the parliament constructing, dispersing hours later just after a stand-off with police

Some brandished banners with slogans such as “Do additional with significantly less, welcome to the fire service”, whilst other individuals hit out at what they described as “political contempt” for their result in.

French firefighters demonstrate during a protest

French firefighters demonstrate in the course of a national protest to urge the government to enhance operating situations. (REUTERS/Charles Platiau)

The interior ministry spoke of “isolated” incidents top to six arrests and 3 police officers injured.

“Our numbers are falling, but we’re overwhelmed by the quantity of get in touch with-outs. We’re becoming asked to do almost everything, even replace ambulances. At some point, we just cannot do it any additional,” Mathias Gosse, a 53-year-old firefighter from southwest France, told AFP.

Firefighters’ trade unions are demanding greater premiums for fighting fires, to bring them in line with the equivalent bonuses for police.

The firefighters hailed the demonstration a good results, placing the quantity of protesters at in between 7,000 and 10,000. Paris police place it at 7,400.

Skilled firefighters represent just 16 per cent of a total 247,000 all through France, the vast majority of whom are volunteers.

In the course of their demonstration the firefighters received help from medical doctors, nurses and ambulance workers, who also denounced shortages in their personal solutions.