If there is one particular females who knew seriously knew Ted Bundy, it was his former girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfer Kendall. The pair dated all through the 1970s, and she sooner or later wrote a memoir — titled The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy — in 1981 to share her side of the story. She will seem in Amazon Prime Video’s new documentary series, Ted Bundy: Falling For a Killer alongside her daughter Molly, who was a toddler when she met Bundy.

The 5-aspect docuseries will chronicle Kendall’s connection with Bundy, and she’ll be sharing pictures from her archive of by no means-prior to-noticed household pictures. “Just after almost 40 years of silence, Kendall and her daughter Molly share their experiences with new unsettling specifics about Bundy, [and] the inconceivable pull he had on females,” Amazon stated in the statement released on Oct. 16. “They are joined by a chorus of female voices, such as survivors of Bundy’s attacks — some of whom are stepping forward for the very first time — with chilling accounts that will forever adjust the Bundy narrative.”

By way of the pair’s very first-individual stories, the series is reframing Bundy’s horrific crimes from a female point of view and exploring the disturbing and profound strategies his pathological hatred of females played out throughout the culture wars and feminist movement of the 1970s.

The series, Ted Bundy: Falling For a Killer, is set for release on Amazon Prime Video in 2020.