Cardi B employed to be viewed as a Latina. But now, the female rap star is claiming to be a Black lady.

Cardi produced the Rachel Dolezal form claims two day ago, just after people on Twitter attacked that hip hop star for employing the “N Word.”

Twitter initially went just after Latina actress Gina Rodriguez for uttering the “N Word” when singing a Fugees song on Twitter. Then activists on Black Twitter turned their interest to Cardi – a different Latina who routinely utilizes the “N Word” though rapping.

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When fans began questioning no matter whether Cardi really should be in a position to use the “N Word,” Cardi blasted back at them – claiming that she’s “Black.”

Here’s a screenshot of a tweet that she sent out, that she later deleted.


But though it really is accurate that Cardi’s ethnicity is not 100% “White”, it really is not really “Black either.”

Here’s a image of Cardi’s mother and father. Each her parents think about themselves “Dominicans” while Cardi claims that her mom’s roots are initially from Trinidad.