Sarah Lancashire teases insider facts about C4’s large new drama The Accident


Content Valley star Sarah Lancashire reveals the function written specially for her in C4’s new challenging-hitting series The Accident…

Sarah Lancashire is about to star in a new challenging-hitting C4 series, referred to as The Accident. It is been inspired by such actual-life tragedies as the Aberfan disaster and the Grenfell Tower fire. BAFTA-winning Content Valley star Sarah plays hairdresser Polly Bevan, who lives in the fictional town of Glyngolau with her husband Iwan (Chernobyl’s Mark Lewis Jones) and their 15-year-old daughter Leona (Jade Croot).

The modest, run-down town is seeking forward to the opening of a new factory and the creation of 1,000 jobs. Nevertheless, on the day of a exciting run, there is a enormous explosion at the web site causing deaths and injuries. Rage spreads and the need to have to attribute blame for the tragedy splits the neighborhood.

Writer Jack Thorne told us he penned this drama especially 
for you. Is that flattering?

Sarah Lancashire: “No, it is scary since that brings expectation. I believe that is why 
they didn’t inform me that till soon after we’d completed filming!”

So what’s your take on  The Accident…

SL: “It requires a substantial tragedy and shows 
it by way of the eyes of these who 
are the most impacted. The disaster impacts on the neighborhood in such a devastating way and, in attempting 
to reunite the neighborhood, you go by way of quite a few shifts.”

The Accident Sarah Lancashire

The regional neighborhood have been shattered by the tragic events. Polly is supported by her closest pal Angela (Joanna Scanlan)

What sort of individual is Polly?

SL: “She is a pretty unremarkable lady and, just before the disaster, she is rubbing along. But she fights for the underdog and provides voice to other folks.”

A lot of of the relationships modify all through the series, do not they?

SL: “As they do in actual life. For me, the drama reflects relationships and friendships in a truthful way that 
is hardly ever depicted on screen.”

What about Polly’s partnership with her husband Iwan?

SL: “It is pretty difficult. The drama explores the co-dependency the couple have and what binds these two persons collectively.”

Did you have to do any study for the function of Polly?

SL: “Only for the Welsh accent. I did 
a lot of perform on a Welsh accent – a lot! It was truly difficult. We began filming this series in April/May well 
and I’m horribly slow at mastering accents, so I began mastering final November. I had my Christmas dinner speaking in a Welsh accent! I do not use dialect coaches. I use YouTube and then I go and do my personal recordings of persons, so I went to the Valleys to gather accents.”

Did you keep in the accent amongst filming scenes?

SL: “Yes, it is significantly a lot easier to do that. My accent sounds Welsh to me but to a Welsh individual it could not sound it!”

You look to go from 1 highly effective drama to the next…

SL: “I want to be clear: I do not search 
out the misery! I do not sit at household pondering, ‘I can not wait to do yet another harrowing piece of perform!’ I opt for the greatest of what comes along and 
I can only make my alternatives out 
of the possibilities I get. It has 
to be about the excellent of the writing. You can do absolutely nothing without having wonderful writing – and 
writers like Jack Thorne and 
Sally Wainwright do not come 
along pretty generally.”

If you had a Jack Thorne or a 
Sally Wainwright script in front of you, would you be pondering ‘yes’ just before you’d even study it?

SL: “No, since I’m not often ideal 
for the function. And, to be truthful, aspect of your job as an actor is recognizing when you are not ideal for a function.”

We can not consider any one else playing Polly in this…

SL: “Oh, you see, I can! I can name at least 5 other persons who could have played it, and then yet another 5. I just really feel pretty fortunate that anything as brilliant as this has come my way.”

* The Accident, starring Sarah Lancashire, begins on C4, on Thursday October 24 at 9pm


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