Move more than, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro — this week, a person else is at the center of the Jersey Shore: Household Vacation drama.

On Thursday’s episode of the MTV reality show, tensions swirled in the aftermath of a drunken evening out in Las Vegas, which started with a fight involving Angelina Pivarnick and Jenni “JWoww” Farley‘s boyfriend Zack Clayton Carpinello at dinner — followed by an eyebrow-raising moment when he got a tiny also close for comfort with her at the club later in the evening.

“I just believe [Zack] is creepy,” Angelina told cameras. “If you are in a connection with somebody, you do not go ahead and grab a different girl. I do not care if it was my side, I do not care if it was my ass, it is just weird altogether.”

Jenni, meanwhile, had no notion what had transpired — and admittedly, she didn’t bear in mind a lot from the evening at all.

“I believe 24 did fantastic with the roomies,” she stated, referring to Zack, who is 24, by the nickname the cast had jokingly provided him. “I seriously want I bear in mind much more. I do not, so I like to say he did fantastic.”

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But Vinny Guadagnino — who was the only sober one particular that evening — felt Zack had acted inappropriately.

“I saw you guys dancing at Drai’s and he grabbed you,” he told Angelina the morning just after. “What the f— was that?”

“You saw it! Thank God,” Angelina exclaimed. “I wasn’t dreaming.”

“Jenni was correct right here, you have been subsequent to him and he grabbed you and was touching your a–,” Vinny stated. “That was weird.”

“Oh, his hand was all more than that s—,” Angelina stated. “I do not know, I can not place my finger on the kid. In all honesty, I felt that he got also comfy way also speedy with me. It wasn’t typical.”

Weeks later, when everybody was back in New Jersey, the drama bubbled up.

“It’s been a tiny awkward given that we got back from Vegas,” Vinny explained. “What occurred was we have been in a group chat speaking about the evening Jenni was drunk in Vegas with 24. I produced a comment like, ‘Yeah, how about when Zack was dancing with Angelina?’ Then Angelina says that Zack was grabbing her, she does not like 24, his intentions are not fantastic. And that seriously pissed of Jenni.”

At this point, Jenni was convinced Angelina was the one particular who acted inappropriately, revealing that Zack had told her Angelina even kissed him at one particular point in the evening. According to his version of the story, Jenni and Zack have been facing every other, kissing, when Angelina leaned in from the side to intercept them, planting a kiss on the side of Zack’s mouth. But Vinny insisted he didn’t see that come about.

“I saw him dancing with the two of you,” he told Jenni. “Then he reached about and almost certainly touched [her thigh] to dance with each of you, which was weird to me.”

“Whatever,” Jenni stated. “To me, that is harmless.”

It became clear that Jenni was siding with her man. “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing at all for me to be mad at,” she stated. “Unless Zack physically cheated on me, it is not my trouble. If he kissed her, it would be a massive trouble. But he didn’t. Supposedly, she did.”

“I do not trust Angelina,” she added. “I genuinely think Zack, he’s not capable of lying. There’s nothing at all for him to obtain out of that.”

From left: Angelina Pivarnick, Zack Clayton Carpinello, Jenni

Angelina was devastated. “The lies about me kissing 24 are so upsetting, mainly because this is anything that has seriously been taking a toll on me, on my fiancé and on our connection,” she stated. “I do not believe the girls know the severity of how poor this can truly get for me and my connection. Appropriate now, I just really feel like no one has my back.”

With no one particular else to turn to, she confided in Deena Cortese.

“I’m stressed out. I lost so a lot weight more than all of this,” she stated, crying. “This can break up my engagement — just her saying that, my fiancé thinks that this truly occurred and that is why I’m upset.”

In the end, it was Zack’s word vs. Angelina’s word. And with Deena’s son’s baptism coming up, forcing everybody to reunite face-to-face, Angelina had no notion what to anticipate — particularly contemplating her fiancé Chris Larangeira was coming with her.

“I’m dreading nowadays,” Angelina stated. “Jenni and Zack will be there, so I’m a tiny nervous. Chris has got a tiny temper, and if 24 begins up with me, Chris will almost certainly kick his a–.”

Fortunately, everybody was on their ideal behavior, each at the church and at the celebration afterwards. But the gloves are about to come off, if the sneak peek at subsequent week’s episode is any indication.

“I got by means of the baptism, but I was getting cool for Deena,” Angelina stated. “We’re all going to be hanging out at a new shore home in a couple of days, and me and the girls nevertheless have a lot points that we have to settle. Or this s— is going to freaking blow up.”

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Just after final week’s episode aired, unveiling the interaction involving Zack and Angelina at the club, Jenni known as them each out for their behavior in a scathing Instagram post.

“After seeing tonight’s episode I’m fairly hurt,” she wrote. “I really feel disrespected by a person I known as a pal and by a person who stated they loved me. For five months I was kept in the dark about this. For five months I was naive, almost certainly laughed at and produced into a storyline that will forever haunt me.”

“My hearts hurts on so numerous levels. A single point I discovered from tonight’s episode is know your worth,” she added. “Don’t ever reduced your requirements.”

She ended the connection a day later, according to many reports. (Her rep has not responded to PEOPLE’s request for comment.)

Hours later, Zack apologized for his actions on Instagram, writing, “I produced blunders that I can’t take back, which I take complete duty for.”

“Jenni does not deserve any harm from anyone else. This is on me,” he continued. “I sincerely apologize to Jenni. I apologize to Angelina as properly.”

“I enjoy Jenni, with every thing I have, I make this recognized to her each day,” he added. “I will continue to do every thing to make this recognized to her and her youngsters, who also have my heart. I will make it particular that nothing at all like this ever come about[s] once more, in any way regardless of the outcome.”

Jersey Shore: Household Vacation airs Thursdays (eight p.m. ET) on MTV.