Bachelor in Paradise’s Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar continue to spar on social media, with Clay now saying he’d under no circumstances let an individual stress him into an engagement and had initially planned to attain out to Nicole right after their breakup.

“I will not be pressured into some thing as strong as an engagement,” Clay wrote in a lengthy Twitter posting on Tuesday.

“I was going to attain out [to Nicole] but right after getting out she had a boyfriend a couple of weeks right after the show, I decided not to. I was delighted for her and did not wanna intrude.”


Nicole, 26, fell challenging and rapid for Clay, 32, on Season six of Bachelor in Paradise this previous summer season, but when it became time for the couple to potentially get engaged through the finale, Clay stated he wasn’t prepared and would just like to continue dating.

Nonetheless, right after Clay confessed he wasn’t even in enjoy with Nicole however, she felt slighted, offended and disrespected. Nicole as a result dumped Clay on the beach that day and the former couple went their separate techniques.

But Nicole and Clay have not stayed out of every single other’s lane given that the finale aired on ABC.

Earlier this month, Clay threw shade at Nicole in the comments section of a post fellow Bachelor in Paradise cast member John Paul Jones had produced, according to Us Weekly.

“Some items just take time,” John Paul captioned an artistic photo of himself on October 10, to which Clay commented, “I discovered engagements are not supposed to.”

Clay was definitely referring to how Nicole broke up with him mainly because he wasn’t prepared to propose right after their Bachelor in Paradise expertise.

Nicole then reportedly joked that not all the things can take as lengthy as Clay’s fitness center sessions, which prompted an Instagram user to get in touch with Nicole “a moron.”

“He straight-up went on two shows exactly where the sole objective is to discover The One particular and then he’s out right here ‘confused’ when he applied for these reality dating shows himself (which are accelerated — it really is actually in the synopsis of stated shows),” Nicole wrote, according to Us, ahead of she pointed out Clay’s ex Angela Amezcua.

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“And then led Angela and I on mainly because he’s scared of commitment and will not settle down till he’s in his 40s mainly because he’s The Bachelor of Chicago and did these two shows for clout to see if he’d obtain 15 minutes of fame and get back into his failed NFL profession, but OK.”

Clay — a totally free agent in the NFL who previously signed with 5 skilled teams dating back to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2010 — then fired back at Nicole in his Tuesday Twitter rant.

“I wasn’t even gonna respond to the comments but what I will say is my failed NFL profession was three occasions the typical profession length. I am really proud of the function I place in to achieve that aim of playing NFL football for the superior element of a decade,” Clay tweeted.

“For a poor kid from the sticks of Dwight Illinois that wasn’t even supposed to go to college. I was in a position to alter mine and family’s whole circumstance. That is what motivated me, and that is what I did.”

Just after insisting he wanted to get in touch with Nicole right after Bachelor in Paradise, he defended his split from Angela in April.

“As far as Angela is concerned, Angela and I met and dated totally off camera and we decided to break up,” Clay explained.

“Absolutely everyone on the show has broken up otherwise they would not be on the show. A large explanation I decided to finish items was not to waste her time or lead her on. (I was also told she would not be in paradise but that is a different story.)”

Angela entered the dating scene on Bachelor in Paradise’s sixth season quite late. Although she had a short romance with Chase McNary, but people left Mexico single.


Nicole’s challenging feelings toward Clay, nonetheless, are absolutely not new. The Miami native bashed him in September right after Bachelor in Paradise’s finale aired on Television.

“When a man’s actions do not line up with his words, when a man’s promises fall flat, and when a man dares to string you along (regardless of whether it really is for 16 days or for eight months) understanding incredibly effectively he does not see a future with you — we are superior off on our personal than loving a man who does not know what he has when he has it,” Nicole wrote on Instagram at the time.

“I know it really is scary, but in some cases, the bravest point we can ever do is enjoy ourselves initially. If that suggests to run, then run.”

She added, “Ladies, we do not have to place up with something significantly less than excellent. We are worthy of someone’s full and all-encompassing respect, time, enjoy, honesty, and power.”

Clay also issued a statement of his personal on Twitter to share his side of the story, and he basically recommended Nicole had overreacted to his selection not to get engaged.

“I fundamentally explained why I did not believe we have been far adequate along to get engaged and that I actually did want to continue to date and wished her luck with her new partnership,” Clay tweeted in reply.

“Comparing relationships is not apples to apples. The truth is I was beginning to fall in enjoy but I did not want to lie and say I was all the way there till I was. I wanted to leave the beach with Nicole and see what actual every day life had in retailer for us.”

Clay explained how he wanted to meet her loved ones and buddies and develop collectively as a couple.

“And if we have been prepared to get engaged, we would. I’ve often told myself I am asking one particular particular person one particular time to marry me. I just did not believe we produced it far adequate However. I totally anticipated her to leave with me but she wanted some thing else,” Clay continued.

“I will not sacrifice who I am for any individual and specially not a Television show. I totally stand behind my choices that final evening on the beach and like I stated ahead of, I am delighted Nicole has moved on. She deserves happiness.”

Though Bachelor in Paradise ended badly for Clay and Nicole, the following 3 couples from Season six got engaged and seem to nonetheless be collectively: Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour, Chris Bukowski and Katie Nolan, and Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty.


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