Got 5 minutes? We’ll get you up to speed on the genre-Television universes you have normally wanted to enter (but also kinda felt intimidated by). Initial up: HBO’s twisted superhero series Watchmen, which premieres Sunday at 9/8c.

THE Supply MATERIAL | A 1986-87 DC Comics’ comic series of the exact same name, written by Alan Moore, drawn by Dave Gibbons and colored by John Higgins.

THE GIST | In an alternate reality that is pretty comparable to our personal, superheroes are outlawed. A handful of are offered a pass to function with the government. Other individuals have retired. Nonetheless other individuals operate as vigilantes. They use varied measuring sticks to ascertain appropriate vs. incorrect, and the reader/viewer is left to choose who the excellent guys are.

Preceding ADAPTATIONS | You might’ve encountered the story in Zack Snyder’s 2009 film adaptation, titled Watchmen and starring Matthew Goode (The Very good Wife), Malin Akerman (Billions), Carla Gugino (The Haunting of Hill Home) and Billy Crudup (The Morning Show).

DO I Require TO HAVE Observed THE Film TO Comprehend THE Television SHOW? | Nope.

watchmen-hbo-beginners-guide-what-to-know-superhero-dramaImportant PLAYERS FROM THE COMIC | The Comedian/Edward Blake, whose death at the start out of the comic kicks off the story • Ozymandias/Adrian Veidt, an extremely sensible, extremely physically match specimen of manhood who has come to be really the profitable businessman • Nite Owl/Daniel Dreiberg, a gadgets guy (assume Batman-ish) who is the second incarnation of the avian-inspired superhero • Rorschach/Walter Joseph Kovacs, a vigilante whose name is reflective of his ever-shifting face mask • Medical professional Manhattan, a blue-skinned (and typically nude) former scientist who exists in numerous universes and, ironically, is the only hero with actual superpowers • Silk Spectre/Laurie Juspeczyk, daughter of the initial Silk Spectre who has romantic ties to each Nite Owl and Medical professional Manhattan

DO THEY Seem IN THE Television SHOW? | Yes, but possibly not in the way you may well anticipate. Although the story is set in the exact same universe as the comics, and lots of of the aforementioned crusaders are referenced (and possibly much more than referenced) in the initial handful of episodes, the action centers on Angela Abar (played by Southland‘s Regina King), a police detective in Tulsa, Okla. To maintain terrorists from figuring out their accurate identities, Angela and her fellow officers put on disguises: Hers, shown in the photo at the major of this post, is Sister Evening. (And if this sounds like it could by no means tie in with the events of the comic books, worry not: We can happily assure you it does, and nicely.)

watchmen-hbo-beginners-guide-what-to-know-superhero-dramaWHO ELSE WILL I RECOGNIZE IN THE Television SHOW? | The cast also contains Don Johnson (Miami Vice) as Tulsa police chief Judd Crawford Jean Wise (Designing Females) as FBI Agent Laurie Blake Tim Blake Nelson (O Brother, Exactly where Art Thou?) as Angela’s colleague Det. Searching Glass Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (The Handmaid’s Tale) as Angela’s husband, Cal Tom Mison (Sleepy Hollow) as Mr. Phillips and Jeremy Irons (The Borgias) as a character referred to as the lord of a nation estate.

WHO’S IN CHARGE? | Damon Lindelof (Lost) is Watchmen‘s showrunner and executive producer, and he approached the project in a comparable style to his other HBO series, The Leftovers: with the supply material as a excellent jumping-off point. “I like all the things about the original, complete-cease,” he tells TVLine. “But I assume that the most significant error that we could have created was actually attempting to emulate all the things, chapter and verse.”

Exactly where CAN I WATCH THE TRAILER? | Proper right here!