China Plots To Block U.S. Military From Important Ports



Washington Examiner: ‘No protected harbors’: China plots to block US military from essential ports, Pentagon warns

China aims to thwart the U.S. military from employing strategically considerable ports about the globe, U.S. officials and analysts stated yesterday. China hopes to do this by investing aggressively in overseas infrastructure projects, the specialists stated.

“Their single aspiration is to elevate their personal status and capacity on a international scale,” stated Chad Sbragia, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for China, for the duration of a Thursday Residence Transportation subcommittee hearing. “What it does imply is that they will have the international military exactly where the U.S. basically could have no protected harbors.”

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WNU Editor: We see this Chinese method at play in the Solomon Islands …. A Chinese Military Base In The Solomon Islands? (October 17, 2019).


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