Johnny Holton is nevertheless looking for his initial reception of the season. Whilst that catch remains elusive, he’s carried out a fantastic job on specific teams and turned in his ideal overall performance of 2019 against the Los Angeles Chargers. He played like vintage Darrius Heyward-Bey and had a critical influence on the Steelers’ punt game.

Jordan Berry’s initial punt of the game. Attractive 59 yard punt with superb hangtime. Holton, bottom of the screen, wins his a single-on-a single matchup and has the speed to meet the returner, even in a position to slow up towards the finish. Good use of his inside hand to get previous the jammer, just as a WR does operating a go route on offense. Strategy translates.

So it turns out to be a 59 yard net punt. Which make no error, is an awesome quantity. In truth, it is tied for the third ideal net of Berry’s profession (and a single of these came off a bounce). This is flipping the field. Punting from your personal 20 and the opposition beginning at their 21. Massive time play, Devin Bush scooped and scored on the Chargers’ drive, and the Steelers started constructing their lead. But it all began with that punt and Holton’s potential to force the fair catch.


Later in the game. Holton singled up on just a lone jammer once again. Wins cleanly inside, forces yet another fair catch. Justin Layne got down there as well but you can see Holton got off the line a lot faster the complete way by way of. Chargers once again pinned deep, beginning on their personal nine.


The lone Chargers’ return we’re speaking about right here. Excellent include by Holton, coming in from the left side of the clip beneath. Capable to “keep the cup,” not letting Dez King break include and get to the outdoors. Forces him to slow up, reduce upfield, and into the teeth of the return group.

Just a seven yard runback, Holton acquiring in on the tackle, and the Chargers once again have poor field position, operating at their personal 21.


And ultimately, the final punt of the day. Berry with a a single-step, directional punt, pinning it to the sideline. Holton wins his matchup and finds the ball, downing it at the a single. 99 yards to go for the Chargers if they want to tie items up. Philip Rivers threw a choose on the second pass of the drive.


If you are not producing an influence on your side of the ball, you superior do it on specific teams. That is been Mike Tomlin’s mantra for a extended time. Even though Holton hasn’t been in a position to catch a deep pass this season, it is been frustrating how lots of missed possibilities there’s been, he stepped up at gunner Sunday evening.