Move more than, Carmen Sandiego.

Take a seat, Waldo.

When it comes to a national search for a properly-recognized figure, we have a new candidate for people from coast-to-coast to be on the lookout for…

Sister Wives Pic

… Kody Brown!

More than the previous handful of weeks, numerous members of Brown’s polygamous household have been sharing new household photographs on social media.

Take Christine, for instance.

The veteran reality star shared the following photo just a handful of days ago, explaining her exciting adventure featured inside it as follows:

“Went to Bearizona currently!! Super exciting expertise. Unquestionably saw several bears.”

She integrated with this caption the hashtag “funwithfamily,” except here’s the factor: a rather crucial member of this household was absent, not taking portion in the exciting.

Christine Brown Goes Out

Christine posted this message — along with a number of photographs of some of her kids and her grandson, Axel, enjoying the outing — with no sign of her husband.


For her portion, meanwhile, Meri Brown has not shared any photographs with Kody in a number of months.

The identical can be stated for Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown.

With rumblings all about the Online about the future of this well-known show and the relationships that comprise it, fans cannot support but wonder:

Why is not Kody seemingly EVER with any of his spouses?!?

sister wives folks

“Hey, just appears like [you’re] a single parent you do almost everything with [your] children, where’s Kody?” asked a single followers on Christine’s Instagram web page, in response to a single of her new photographs.

One more posed the identical query

Does y’alls husband ever go anyplace with [you]?

And then a different addressed Christine as follows:

Want your household would update every person on stuff. Like exactly where is Kody? [You] and the other wives never ever post any photographs of him and [Robyn] has stopped posting altogether. Tends to make the rumors of Meri leaving and Robin [sic] divorcing Kody sound far more correct.

Ah, yes: These rumors…

Meri Brown: Hey, Folks!

Meri has clearly been unhappy for years now.

Granted, she moved with every person else from Las Vegas to Arizona final year, but she is however to place down roots there.

As previously reported, Meri is merely renting a dwelling, refusing to accept the notion that this is her permanent residence and maybe that this is her permnanent romance.

Don’t forget her castfishing scandal from 2016? And subsequent quotes from Kody about how he and Meri are beginning more than and attempting to just “date” for a tiny bit?

There is truly no try at even hidingthe truth any longer that Meri does not like her ongoing marital arrangement.

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown Pic

What about all that aforementioned Robyn Brown divorce chatter?

As opposed to Meri, you will not hear several complaints from this Sister Wives star herself — but we nonetheless have factors to think she desires out.

Heck, we have factors to think that Sister Wives as a entire is in chaos.

TLC has not however announced a return date, even though we’ve been hearing January 2020 for awhile, and Kody never ever appears to challenge any statement that counters the narrative of basic tension all through his marriages.

Could this be the finish of the line for every person involved? Will they quickly go their separate directions?

We may well quickly locate out.