11 guys, primarily in military, attacked or sexually assaulted in North Carolina


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Police in North Carolina are warning guys to be conscious of their surroundings when they go out drinking late at evening.

Wilmington police say 11 guys, such as military servicemen, have been attacked or sexually assaulted right after leaving location bars at evening, the Newsobserver.com reports.

The guys, such as seven members of the U.S. Army and Marine Corps., had been attacked in downtown Wilmington about the time bars closed for the evening.

“Police have now identified 4 victims who could have been sexually assaulted,” officials stated Wednesday on Facebook.

The attacks and sexual assaults date back to January 2018, police say.

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Officials found a hyperlink involving the assaults when the attacks started escalating a couple of weeks ago. The guys had been attacked then robbed ahead of becoming sexually assaulted.

Police have stepped up patrols in locations about bars and nightclubs in downtown Wilmington.

Officials caution guys who drink in public establishments to please workout caution, travel in groups, and never leave drinks unmonitored. Do not drink and drive and under no circumstances leave a bar with a stranger.

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