Cory Wharton Sent Me Pics of His Rod Whilst His GF Was Pregnant, Lady Alleges Teen Mom Star Requires Legal Action [UPDATED]


Cory Wharton is about to be a father for the second time.

As previously reported, the alleged Teen Mom OG character and girlfriend Taylor Selfridge are expecting a youngster.

This is an fascinating time for the ex-boyfriend of Cheyenne Floyd, who created several headlines in 2018 by appearing on the aforementioned MTV series as component of a storyline with Floyd, a reasonably new member of this franchise.

Nonetheless, a damning new allegation could be stopping Wharton from becoming in a celebratory mood appropriate about now.

What does he have to say about the new pregnancy?

What does a further lady have to say about Cory?

What did the web page which broke a scandalous story involving Cory and mentioned other lady do now that his attorneys have evidently gotten involved?

Scroll down to uncover out…

Who is Cory Wharton Once again?

Who is Cory Wharton Again?

He is the father of Floyd’s daughter, Ryder, but there is a slight caveat: He did not know he was the father till this tiny girl was six months old.

Huh? What Do You Imply?

Huh? What Do You Mean?

That is when Floyd lastly dropped the news on Wharton, who entirely accepted duty and who appears to be quite close to his very first youngster.

What About Cory and Cheyenne?

What About Cory and Cheyenne?

They spent all of Floyd’s very first season on Teen Mom OG fighting and flirting, teasing a extended-term connection but under no circumstances committing to 1 mainly for the reason that Wharton did not want to.

And Now?

And Now?

Floyd has a new boyfriend and Wharton has been dating Taylor Selfridge considering that February of 2019.

They are Far more Than Just Dating Now, Even though

They're More Than Just Dating Now, Though

Wharton and Selfridge confirmed to Us Weekly on October 16, 2019 that they are expecting a son or daughter. Surprise!

She Did not See This Coming!

She Didn't See This Coming!

“It was undoubtedly a surprise,” Cory told the tabloid, adding that he and Taylor located out about the pregnancy two months ago and she’s 11 weeks along.


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