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K. Michelle Says Her Illegal Butt Injections Had been The “Worst Decision”

K. Michelle is after once again getting open and sincere about her butt augmentation surgery and the adverse effects it had on her life. As previously reported K underwent butt reduction surgery to “remove the foreign objects” from her physique that had been causing her intense complications. Now she’s committed to assisting other girls eliminate their butt injections and she’s preparing to launch a Television show to do so.

Ahead of that show starts, having said that, K’s appearing on Dr. Phil and detailing her selection to go beneath the knife in the 1st spot. The songstress was a guest on the host’s “Dying To Be Hot” episode and spoke candidly on her selection to go beneath the (illegal) knife. According to K, she let a “well known” black market place injector place silicone in her physique in a hotel space.

“It was the worst selection of my complete life,” mentioned K. “I went to a individual who was nicely identified in my music circle. He was not a medical doctor, he does this in a hotel space, he told me it was gel—some sort of gel when it was basically absolutely free-flowing silicone in your physique.”

She also added that she was currently curvy but wanted to be far more voluptuous. That backfired having said that when she began to “look like an ant.”

“I just wanted to be true thick, I wanted to be curvy, what was so messed up Dr. Phil is that I was currently curvy,” mentioned K. “I was pleased at 1st but then I began to appear like an ant.”

K also told Dr. Phil that her surgical removal has left holes in her physique and she’s devastated by the outcomes. She also cautioned a mother of 5 on acquiring a Brazilian butt lift to “look like J. Lo.” (1:50)

What do YOU feel about K. Michelle advising against plastic surgery? Gotta appreciate her honesty.