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Watching the True Housewives of Orange County this week produced me a tiny nostalgic for Housewives days gone by. You remember–when the show was focused on ladies who lived in wonderful properties, drove fancy automobiles, took dream trips and shopped for higher finish clothes and jewelry. Confident, some of it was all smoke and mirrors and a couple of of the ladies had been a single credit card transaction ahead of economic disaster, but the show ordinarily delivered as promised.

Somehow, in the intervening years, every thing changed. Fights became routine. Screaming came to be the preferred approach of communication. Damaging gossip had the possible to ruin lives. Some cast members like Heather Dubrow managed to largely remain above the fray, but several ladies had been only as well satisfied to wallow in the mud. Which leads us to this week’s episode. Married Housewives Tamra Judge and Braunwyn Windham-Burke in a disturbing public make out session. Typically prudish Shannon Beador exchanging spit with a random stranger. How did this all come to be?

A single longtime RHOC cast member has definite opinions on the existing state of the show. In an interview with Us Weekly, Vicki Gunvalson declared, “There is an overload of crying and raunchy speak and behavior. The speak about sexual exploits should really have been kept private and not heard or noticed by kids on tv.”

Hell has officially frozen over–I agree with Vicki about anything! The sensory overload of crudeness on the show appears to have reached a breaking point. And I will not even mention that Vicki has been guilty of some of the very same crimes of which she speaks–screeching, babbling about her incontinence and speaking about her like tank desires. And we will not bring up her vicious gossip about folks like Kelly Dodd and Eddie Judge.

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So how does morality judge Vicki, who was demoted this season, consider the show should really be? She explained, “When I produced this franchise 15 years ago, it was about our lives and obtaining the chance to showcase the globe the privileged way of life we lead.”

Who knew Vicki produced the True Housewives franchise? I believed she was in the insurance coverage organization. But she does have a point–the existing show bears tiny resemblance to its tamer beginnings. Exactly where are the Jeana Keoughs and Tammy Knickerbockers of the early days? I essentially enjoyed watching ladies who could speak as an alternative of yell and seemed like folks you may like to know in actual life.

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Vicki went on to additional share about the existing show, “It’s turning out to be all about divorce, rental homes, threesomes and other ridiculous factors.” Oh no–not rental homes, Vicki–the horror of it all!

Though Vicki is divorced, usually ridiculous and has been accused of obtaining a threesome, there is some truth in what she is saying. The ugly divorces of cast members like Tamra, Shannon and Gina Kirschenheiter seemed to have dragged on endlessly. The threesome speak is way beyond exactly where it is edgy or funny. Yes, we are seeking at you, mother of seven Braunwyn. You as well, Tamra!

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Yet another point of contention for Vicki is the cast nudity. She stated, “Naked scenes appears like several of the cast are attempting to a single up or outdo the other.”

Agreed. Once again, we are seeking at you Braunwyn and Tamra. I am of the old college on nudity–I am fine with it if it is tastefully carried out and vital to the storyline! Tamra’s nude hot tub scenes are rather ho-hum at this point. Possibly she should really switch it up with a nude exercise at Reduce Fitness or take a naked midnight stroll by means of Coto de Caza. And check out Tres Amiga Vicki!

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Exactly where does the future of RHOC lie? Will the game be upped a lot more and a lot more, till the viewers revolt? At this point, can the game even be upped any longer and nevertheless be on typical cable? We will see what the rest of the season has in shop for us. Personally, I am hoping that this week’s episode was the was the season’s low point. You can only go up from right here, OC ladies!


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