Mariah Huq

Tonight’s all-new episode of Married to Medicine will choose up with final week’s drama surrounding Quad Webb-Lunceford’s drug allegations against Mariah Huq.

As fans witnessed final Sunday, Quad Webb-Lunceford is not backing down from her drug use accusations even although costar Mariah Huq produced receipts proving she hasn’t utilised drugs going all the way back 10 years.

EXCLUSIVE: Quad Webb-Lunceford Cheated on Husband with Mariah Huq’s Brother-In-Law & Got Her Ass Kicked!

In tonight’s episode, Dr. Simone Whitmore storms off the dinner table soon after becoming overwhelmed with feelings more than the discord involving Mariah Huq and Quad.

Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, Buffie Purselle and Quad follow Simone to the bathroom. A beat down Simone explains to Quad that she’s recognized Mariah for years and has by no means noticed or heard Mariah use drugs but Quad insisted, “I’m not going to go back and act like I didn’t see it.” 

Mariah Huq

Left at the dinner table are Mariah Huq , Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Dr. Jackie Walters along with Toya Bush-Harris and they’re speaking. Mariah is more than the mess and desires no components of a friendship reconciliation with Quad soon after she told such a damaging lie on her. “You guys [can] be pals with her, I’m going to coexist [with her],” she explained.

“It does not matter what I do to prove that she’s lying about me undertaking drugs,” Mariah added. “Blood test, hair test, toenail, fingernails. It does not matter. This s**t broke me!”

Mariah Huq

Toya Bush-Harris offers Dr. Jackie Walters an chance to view the drug test final results that proves Mariah Huq is drug-free of charge (and Quad lied) but she refuses to even appear at the paperwork.

Mariah Huq and Toya Bush-Harris

“Everything I say and I do appears to finish up in a terrible location with Mariah,” she explained. “So, I just do not want to speak about it. Leave me alone.”

Do not miss Married to Medicine Sunday nights, at 9:00 pm ET, on Bravo. 


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