The final decade was a outstanding a single for tv, from who was generating it, how we watched it, and the kinds of stories becoming told on it. More than the course of the final 10 years, Netflix revealed itself to be a important producer of content material, HBO continued to dominate pop culture (and was even louder about it), and The CW burst onto the scene with not a single, but two prestige comedies. The instances, they say, are a-altering, and they will continue to alter all through the subsequent decade, as new platforms and storytellers emerge. But as we prepare to say a heartfelt goodbye to the 2010s, Television Guide is seeking back at the decade that was and celebrating the greatest it had to present.

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The 25 Finest Shows of the Final Decade

Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell, <em>The Americans</em>Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell, The Americans

Television evolved additional this decade than it had any time due to the fact it changed from black and white to colour. From who we watched — folks from communities that had by no means gotten the possibility to inform their stories on Television just before — to how we watched it — on our phones by way of streaming platforms — every single portion of the Television encounter changed. There was just additional Television this decade than any time just before, as the most current Golden Age of Tv evolved into Peak Television, and networks and streaming solutions competed in a content material arms race to see who could make the most very good shows the quickest.

The sheer quantity of good shows released this decade produced compiling a “greatest of” list practically not possible, but every single show on this list is unimpeachable, and we’re proud to share it with you. It is a diverse list that hopefully touches on every little thing that produced this decade of Television good. Retain reading about the 25 greatest shows of the decade…

FX and FXX Had the Finest Decade of Any Networks

Lakeith Stanfield, Donald Glover and Brian Tyree Henry, <em>Atlanta</em>Lakeith Stanfield, Donald Glover and Brian Tyree Henry, Atlanta

More than the final decade of tv, Netflix went from introducing the potential to stream its overwhelming library of licensed properties to churning out additional original content material than anybody knows what to do with HBO’s Game of Thrones dominated pop culture discourse and AMC’s The Walking Dead became so large the franchise now demands a chief content material officer. And but, in spite of these momentous milestones, no networks had higher achievement in the 2010s than FX and its sister network FXX. They have revealed a proficiency in churning out regularly engaging applications, but their perform more than the final 10 years also shows how FX’s priorities have been shifting more than time and how these shifts have placed it at the center of TV’s largest trends. Retain reading about the achievement of FX and FXX…

This Decade of Tv Owes a Lot to These Late-2000s Shows

<em>Mad Men</em>Mad Guys

If you appear at our list of the greatest shows of the final decade, you will notice it involves only shows that premiered on or just after January 1, 2010. So though it is jam-packed with 25 remarkable applications that will be remembered for the techniques in which they broke our hearts and busted our guts — occasionally at the identical time — the list does not necessarily reflect the correct scope of the final decade. Especially, it leaves out series that premiered through the final years of the 2000s that carried more than into the subsequent decade, altering the landscape of tv forever.

There is an argument to be had about our selection to limit our list to specific parameters — therefore excluding a higher quantity of influential applications that aired, but did not premiere, in the previous 10 years — but we’d be remiss not to spend tribute to these shows that produced so a lot of what we’re seeing on Television now feasible. Retain reading about the good shows of the late 2000s…

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