Fans will not have to wait a lot longer for the most current from ZHU.

ZHU is gearing up for the release of a single of his most anticipated tracks in current memory. On Friday, he’s set to release his most current, “CAME FOR THE LOW” on Astralwerks

A brief teaser video was posted to Twitter, simultaneously announcing the track and providing fans a modest taste of what is to come. In the video, you can hear an ominous bass line with deep vocals repeating the word “low” more than and more than. The track is dripping with ZHU’s signature style complete of dark, atmospheric soundscapes. 

Footage of the track becoming played at shows dated as far back as Could has produced its rounds inside his fanbase. Considering that then, fans have been gushing more than the sound of the upcoming tune and eagerly awaiting its release.

“CAME FOR THE LOW” by ZHU will be released on Friday, October 25th. You can pre-save the upcoming track here.


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