Commentaries, Evaluation, And Editorials — October 21, 2019


Afghan army soldiers, National Directorate of Safety intelligence officers, and a Panjshiri mujahideen commander greet every single other at the frontline in between the Afghan government and the Taliban in Panjshir on August 13, 2019. Christopher Jones

Christopher R. Jones, VOX: “America’s surrender”: What Afghans assume about US-Taliban peace talks

Lots of Afghans worry US-Taliban peace talks are coming at their personal expense.

KABUL, Afghanistan — At a time when America is vehemently divided politically, there is 1 policy that appears to have virtually unanimous help: ending the US war in Afghanistan. Poll just after poll shows that Americans across the political and social spectrum want the war to finish, and it is 1 of the couple of factors that President Donald Trump and almost every single 2020 Democratic candidate agree on.

But these who’ve fought against and lived below the Taliban think a US troop withdrawal now would come at the expense of Afghan peace tomorrow. I lately spent 3 weeks in Afghanistan speaking with government officials and citizens alike about their point of view on the existing US negotiations with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar, to finish US involvement in the war.

And what I heard from almost everybody I spoke to — from academics in Kabul to mujahideen in the Panjshir Valley who fought against the Soviets in the 1980s — was a deep distrust of America’s target in the peace talks.

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Commentaries, Evaluation, And Editorials — October 21, 2019

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