Belgian Bass duo Ganja White Evening has just released their newest album, The A single.

The 13-track compilation of new music comes with outstanding timing correct just before they embark on their impending U.S. tour. The album attributes collaborations with some of the group’s finest bass peers, like Boogie T, Apashe and Caspa.

The duo, composed of Benjamin Bamby & Erwan Dodson, contributes most of their musical inspirations to a character of their creation, Mr. Wobble. Their final album, The Origins, focused on exactly where precisely Mr. Wobble gained his energy, and now with The A single, the artists will be returning to the fictional character’s individual story.

“We decide on The A single to get back to our major character Mr Wobble. We stepped aside throughout The Origins to concentrate on the root of his energy, but now we’re focusing on Mr. Wobble. We want to inform extra about his individual story in the future.” -GWN

At the finish of this month, the Belgian Bass couplet will be heading off on their U.S. tour with help from Boogie T, SubDocta and Jantsen. The group has announced that the visuals on the tour will be offered by a different Belgian artist, My Name is Ebo. Grab tickets to the tour right here.

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