With the East Asia Summit subsequent month, discussions more than the Indo-Pacific are set to take centre-stage. India’s engagement with the Indo-Pacific, as element of its “Act East Policy” includes 4 components, namely securing the Indian Ocean, integrating with Southeast Asia, deepening strategic partnerships with other balancing powers, and managing variations with China. In spite of considerable progress in every of these places, what measures must New Delhi undertake to assure its stated objective of a “free, open, and inclusive Indo-Pacific” is met? Dhruva Jaishankar’s new paper, ‘Acting East: India in the Indo-Pacific’ examines different facets of India’s strategic strategy to the Indo-Pacific. 

The paper will be launched at Brookings India on Thursday, October 24, 2019 from four:00 pm to five:30 pm. Mr. Jaishankar will present the principal arguments of his paper, followed by a discussion featuring:

Amb. Sujan Chinoy, Director Basic, Institute for Defence Research & Analyses (IDSA)

Lt. Gen. S. L. Narasimhan, Director Basic, Center for Modern Chinese Research (CCCS), Ministry of External Affairs

Ritika Passi, Fellow, Observer Study Foundation (ORF)

Dhruva Jaishankar, Director, US Initiative, ORF

Moderator Dr. Constantino Xavier, Fellow, Foreign Policy & Safety Research, Brookings India

 Dhruva Jaishankar is Director of the US Initiative at Observer Study Foundation (ORF). His investigation spans difficulties such as India-US relations, India’s relations in Asia and the Indo-Pacific, the interaction of technologies with politics, and defence and national safety.

This discussion will be open to the press and is on-the-record. All participants are requested to register their attendance with Nitika Nayar at [email protected].