The quantity of millionaires in the planet grew to almost 47 million more than the previous year, and they now personal close to half of the world’s wealth, according to a new study.

In spite of the trade wars, slowing worldwide development and the volatile stock markets, the total quantity of millionaires in the planet enhanced by 1.1 million from the middle of 2018 to the middle of 2019, according to the Worldwide Wealth Report from Credit Suisse. The world’s 46.eight million millionaires are now worth a combined $158.three trillion – or 44% of the world’s total wealth.

The United States nonetheless leads the planet in total quantity of millionaires and development. The U.S. added 675,000 new millionaires more than the previous year, bringing its total to 18.six million. Japan added 187,000 to bring its total to just much more than three million. China, whose economy is slowing due in portion to the trade tensions, nonetheless added 158,000 new millionaires, bringing its total to four.five million.

Australia was the most significant loser of millionaires, down by 124,000 to 1.two million, but considerably of that decline was due to exchange prices, due to the fact millionaires are measured in U.S. dollars.

Even though the U.S. towers more than China with millionaires, the report stated China now leads the U.S. for the 1st time in the quantity of “worldwide wealthy,” defined as these in the top rated 10% of wealth in the planet.

The concentration of wealth at the top rated has come to be a essential subject in the Democratic primaries. Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have each proposed wealth taxes as they campaign for president. Each of their proposals would impose a tax on accumulated assets and savings rather than just revenue. The bottom half of the world’s population account for much less than 1% of worldwide wealth, according to the report. The bottom 90% of the world’s adult population – about four.five billion adults – account for 18% of worldwide wealth.

However inequality could be on the decline. The top rated 1% controlled about 47% of worldwide wealth in 2000 compared with 45% in 2019. The cause: the wealth of the worldwide middle class is increasing. The quantity of people today in the planet worth amongst $10,000 and $100,000 has observed the most significant development of any wealth segment, tripling due to the fact 2000 to 1.7 billion people today.

The report stated inequality has declined for the previous 3 years and is anticipated to continue its downward trend as much more of the world’s reduced-middle class and middle class get ground.

“Even though it is also early to say that wealth inequality is now in a downward phase,” the report stated, “the prevailing proof suggests that 2016 could have been the peak for the foreseeable future.

Correction: The quantity of new millionaires in China is four.five million. An earlier version misstated the total.