The Middle Of The Field Has Been A Issue For The Steelers Defense


The Pittsburgh Steelers secondary has been practically nothing quick of good lately but they have nonetheless been far from best. One particular location that has served as the unit’s kryptonite is the middle of the field as opposing quarterbacks have targeted this location with a lot accomplishment.

Philip Rivers operated with out breaking a sweat when targeting the middle of the field in their final meeting, as he tossed a couple touchdown passes and had a handful of huge gains in that location of the field. The Steelers’ inability to defend more than the middle is not a new dilemma that sprouted up final week. The middle of the field has been a black eye on what has otherwise been a quite very good defensive displaying more than the final month.

Working with statistics compiled from Subsequent Gen Stats, opposing quarterbacks have been placing with each other Pro Bowl caliber numbers against the Steelers when targeting the middle of the field. On passes beyond the line of scrimmage, quarterbacks have completed 73-% of their passes for 854 yards with 5 touchdowns and 3 interceptions when targeting the Steelers’ defense more than the middle. That equals out to a 113.six passer rating.

QBs when targeting the middle of the field (Previous LOS)

Philip Rivers: 13/18, 193 yards, two TDs, 1 INT

Lamar Jackson: 10/14, 105 yards, TDs, 1 INT

Andy Dalton: eight/10, 100 yards, TDs, INT

Jimmy Garoppolo: eight/12, 118 yards, TDs, 1 INT

Russell Wilson: 10/10, 123 yards, TDs, INT

Tom Brady: 9/15, 215 yards, three TDs, INT

Total: 58/79, 854 yards, five TDs, three INTs, 113.six passer rating

The numbers get a lot worse when only accounting for passes more than the middle that have travelled 10+ yards previous the line of scrimmage. The Steelers defense are enabling quarterbacks to nonetheless comprehensive 73-% of their passes (24/33) on passes that are at least 10 yards previous the line of scrimmage more than the middle but their passer rating grows from 113.six to 141.7.

QBs when targeting the middle of the field (10+ yards previous LOS)

Philip Rivers: 9/12, 144 yards, two TDs, INT

Lamar Jackson: /1, yards, TDs, INT

Andy Dalton: four/five, 64 yards, TDs, INT

Jimmy Garoppolo: five/7, 85 yards, TDs, 1 INT

Russell Wilson: 1/1, 13 yards, TDs, INT

Tom Brady: five/7 165 yards two TDs INTs

Total: 24/33, 471 yards, four TDs, 1 INT, 141.7 passer rating

The Steelers have struggled with defending the middle all through this season but with lots of extra pressing matters, such as the quarterback circumstance or the offensive inefficiency taking the all the focus, the middle of the field had been moved to the backburner. That was till Rivers had his way with the middle of the field a tiny more than a week ago.

Rivers completed 13 of 18 passes for 193 yards with two touchdowns and 1 interception when throwing to the middle. There are a handful of culprits for what went incorrect more than the middle final Sunday and they are documented under.

Steelers are in cover two and there is a lot of breathing space among the linebackers and safeties. This is 1 location that the Chargers targeted time and time once again and Keenan Allen took benefit of it on the play above.

Allen functions his way to the middle of the field and Rivers has a gigantic window to match this ball into. Minkah Fitzpatrick slips on the play but it is unlikely he would have been in a position to make a play regardless.

Appears like the Steelers drop into cover 3 right here and after once again Rivers is in a position to throw a good pass in among the second level and final line of defense. The threat of a verify down pass keeps the second line defenders frozen and Rivers has a clear window to throw into after Vince Williams bites on the operating back spilling out.

Chargers attack the Steelers’ defense by stretching it out, as 1 receiver drags quick, yet another attacks the intermediate location close to the sideline and Jason Moore acts as the vertical threat. Fitzpatrick functions his way down and bites on the quick throw, leaving Moore wide open down field. Rivers then primarily throws a punt that Moore catches for 32-yards, the longest pass play of the evening for either group.

This time the Steelers have two deep safeties but with man coverage underneath. Kameron Kelly is on Hunter Henry and the Chargers tight finish entirely turns him about and catches an effortless touchdown. Kelly is playing Henry to the outdoors but the tight finish flips the defensive back’s hips rather quickly and scores his second touchdown of the evening.

There is no sole culprit for the Steelers’ struggles with defending the middle of the field which leaves a selection of options. Very first and foremost, the defense is going to have to tighten up and be extra disciplined more than the middle. This suggests linebacker having extra depth to make throws to the middle a lot tougher and extra communication. The Steelers have been burned extra than after more than the final two games on plays exactly where safeties have either rotated towards or away from the line of scrimmage. Final but not least, personnel might also be an location worth watching as Kelly’s play was significantly less than stellar against the Chargers.



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